The Fancasting Room | Clea, The Sorceress Supreme

The Fancasting Room | Clea, The Sorceress Supreme

Another rumor, another new Marvel character potentially making their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in “Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness”. This time it’s popular Dr. Strange character and sorceress Clea that’s rumored to be showing up in the sequel.

This makes the third new Marvel character in the last week and a half that is being speculated to get some screen time with Stephen Strange; the other two being America Chavez and Brother Voodoo. If all of these rumors prove to be true, this is going to be one very busy movie.

(See America Chavez’s Fancast HERE and see Brother Voodoo’s Fancast HERE.)

Who is Clea?

After observing Dr. Strange in the Dark Dimension and being impressed by his power & courage, she felt obligated to warn Strange about facing Dormammu and gave him insight into how to survive a conflict with the powerful being . Dormammu punished Clea for her betrayal before being forced by Strange to release her turning Clea into Strange’s only ally in the Dark Dimension.

Afterwards, Clea is captured by her uncle, Umar, who took her hostage and nearly killed her. Strange once again found Clea and freed her. She then took off with Strange to live with him on Earth. Working side by side, Clea and Strange led a rebellion in the Dark Dimension. After defeating and banishing Umar and her father, Orini, Clea took the throne in the Dark Dimension thus becoming its ruler.

Clear and Strange then exchanged vows thus becoming one according to the laws of the Dark Dimension. However her reign as ruler didn’t last long as Dormammu returned and reclaimed the throne. Enlisting the help of Umar, who was revealed to actually be Clea’s mother, they were able to usurp Dormammu and granted Umar the throne, thus returning to Earth with Strange once again.

As the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension and being romantically involved with Strange in the comics, Clea seems like another natural choice to introduce in the sequel. Again, like the other characters rumored to appear, this is still just a rumor for now as we have had no confirmation from Marvel that Clea will be appearing.

Rumor it may be, that won’t stop me from suggesting some options for who could play the Sorceress Supreme! Here are three actresses that Marvel should consider when casting this role!

Emilia Clarke

Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Emilia Clarke is without a doubt one of the most popular and talented actresses working today. Bursting onto the scene with her ever expanding role in HBO’s iconic global phenomenon, Game of Thrones, as the dragon queen Daenerys “Dany” Targaryen, Clarke found herself in high demand.

Her role in GoT skyrocketed her career landing her lead roles in films such as Terminator Genysis, Me Before You and Disney/Lucasfilms’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. Clarke’s talent is undeniable and her screen presence is something mesmerizing. She’s magnetic. The audiences attention is automatically drawn to her whenever she’s in a scene.

It’s her most notable role as the dragon queen however that makes me believe she’s the perfect choice for this role. Clea is a powerful sorceress able to hold her own against anyone, even Dr. Strange himself and inter-dimensional beings like Dormammu. The actress playing her needs to be able exude that power and there may not be a better actress working today that’s able to do that than Clarke.

Kathryn Winnick

Source: Magdalena Niziol

Kathryn Winnick is perhaps one of, if not the, most underrated actresses working today. It seriously just blows my mind that studios and casting directors aren’t beating her door down to get her in their films. She’s gorgeous yes, but the woman can act with the best of them, yet you don’t see Winnick in all that many high profile films.

In fact, her most notable film role came in 2017’s Stephen King adaptation, The Dark Tower. She has, however, been a mainstay in History channel’s hit show Vikings. Her role as Lagertha in that show is always highlighted as the brightest spot in a series filled with bright spots.

Winnick turned Lagertha, a female warrior queen, into a fan favorite character despite the show taking place in a time period in which it was the men that generally ruled and pushed the females into background roles of caretakers essentially. With her ability to portray strong, powerful, badass female characters who can take on anyone that gets in their way, Winnick would an absolute home run casting by Marvel.

Natalie Dormer

Source: Wiki Commons

Natalie Dormer is another insanely talented actress that has not been given nearly the amount of roles that she deserves. She’s shown time and again just how talented and capable she is as an actress, yet like Winnick, studios and casting directors are failing to see it.

That’s not to say she hasn’t had some big roles because she certainly has. Dormer, a fellow Game of Thrones alumni with Clarke, has landed leading roles in films like Rush opposite Chris Hemsworth and the ultra popular Hunger Games Franchise, appearing in both parts of the franchise finale, Mockingjay Part 1 & 2.

As mentioned above, Dormer is a Game of Thrones alumni as she portrayed Queen Margaery. Her character in that show was not as prominent, nor as powerful, as Clarke’s Danaerys, but her character was still extremely important and strong in her own right. Margaery used her wit and intellect to deceive and pull strings from the behind the scenes, amassing power in the shadows. Her ability to play that type character could definitely lend itself well to a character like Clea. That in combination with her unbelievable talent as an actress should definitely put Dormer on Marvel’s radar.


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