Fill Your Brackets for #MarchMovieSadness

Fill Your Brackets for #MarchMovieSadness

Whether you’re at work or at home on your computer, people love filling out their brackets. This year is much different. COVID-19 has made a substantial dent into sports and entertainment.

NCAA basketball? Gone. Spring and summer movie premieres? Postponed, for some indefinitely. It’s awful news but a move that was made out of precaution. While we understand, it blows.

But, hey…we still have our brackets.

Here’s the plan: If Coronavirus takes away these spring and summer premieres until 2021, what movie would make you the saddest if you missed it?

These are the top 24 movies that either have already been affected by quarantine or is in danger of being postponed, cancelled, or sent to VOD and risking the mass movie experience.

Welcome to your regions.

Sequel Region


Every great film these days will earn a sequel. Production houses may have amnesia when it comes to original ideas or they may be guilty of trying to cash in while the iron is hot. Regardless of the reason, the season is for sequels.

Just about every film in this region continues a storyline many want to see. The top seed continues a journey into the mind of one of the most gifted storytellers in this generation. Who ya got?

Play-In Round

16 Minions: The Rise of Gru vs. 17 Bill & Ted: Face the Music

9 Top Gun: Maverick vs. 24 Saint Maud

Semifinal Top Seeds

1 Tenet

8 A Quiet Place II

Metaphysical Region

meta physical

This is a collection of films that deal with the supernatural. From ghosts and ghouls to the powers of other worlds, this is the region where people possess the ability to do things we can’t see (except one that is just an uber-popular animation). That is, until their exploits make their way on film.

Play-In Round

15 Soul vs. 18 Candyman

10 Scoob vs. 23 The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Semifinal Top Seeds

2 Wonder Woman: 1984

7 Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Novelty Round

new things

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” ~Jonathon Swift

The magic of this region is created in the vision that sustains it. Some are sequels. Others are adaptations. All are novel in its vision. The subject matter requires something different, something unlike we have see before — even for the franchise offering the ninth damn film in a row. Some have been postponed. Others have been suspended multiple times. All need an audience.

Play-In Rounds

14 Free Guy vs. 19 Artemis Fowl

11 New Mutants vs. 22 Trolls World Tour

Semifinal Top Seeds

3 Black Widow

6 F9

Journey Region


Sometimes, we need to take a new adventure to an unknown place. It broadens our horizons and expands our imagination. These movies were created to take us all to another place, if even for a while. It’s just a shame we may not get that experience in the pseudo-privacy of a movie theaters with adoring fans.

Play-In Round

13 Jungle Cruise vs. 20 In the Heights

12 Morbius vs. 21 Antebellum

Semifinal Top Seeds

4 No Time to Die

5 Mulan

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