A Look Inside MoviesMatrix.com: Where Did Our Content Go?

A Look Inside MoviesMatrix.com: Where Did Our Content Go?

Following someone or a publication on social media is fun because it opens a door to instant communication. You know, providing the person isn’t too pretentious and talks back.

At MoviesMatrix, we do.

If you want to talk polls or posts, we’re there. If you want to debate images or editorials, we’re there too. However, we have not been blogging for the past couple of weeks for one big reason…

We are relaunching in May!


New content and columns. Fresh images and ideas. We may even have a few new writers who will show off their skills of making you think about all things entertainment and geek.

Again, social media is easy. It’s easy to hit a button and like. It’s a breeze to answer a poll. When it comes to filling your minds with the stuff you care about (e.g., movies, TV, streaming, comics, entertainment, conspiracy theories), that’s when reading needs to happen.

We’ll have all of that back for you in May.

To make things better, consider MoviesMatrix.com a geek jukebox.

  • What do you want reported?
  • What subjects out there do you feel aren’t getting enough action?
  • Who do you want to see interviewed?
  • Why do believe some entertainment trends aren’t discussed?
  • Where do you want to see your content explored?
  • And, if you’re slightly more daring, do you think you have what it takes to write for MoviesMatrix?

Our ‘Contact Us’ section will be a wide-open door for you to get your requests on.

Thank you for growing this blog and helping make us different. There are some great ones out there — those who report our entertainment news with ethics, citing their sources, encouraging quality discussion, promoting what we love to see covered, and not proliferating limp and half-baked rumors. We applaud them. We’re one of them. And we’re giddy to get back to storming the blogosphere with tight content.

(There may be a podcast or two in our future too.)

Anyway, that’s where we’ve been…and when we’re coming back full blast. Now that you know we’re coming back, bring the DMs and let us hear from you. Even when the Coronapocalyse passes, we’re still in this together! 

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