Netflix Advertising Campaign Pays It Forward for the Real People in Hollywood

Netflix Advertising Campaign Pays It Forward for the Real People in Hollywood

It’s a funny thing about this damn Coronavirus — in some situations, it has brought the best out in people. From donations to helping your fellow man…sorry, person, it has been refreshing to see how people have thought of others to send them a message of love and hope.

Newest to the heartstrings department is Netflix.

The Hollywood Reporter provided an exclusive article about a Netflix advertising campaign that is focused on the backbone of Hollywood. No, not the beautiful people. Rather, the people who make them beautiful — the techies and roadies, costume and make-up, all of the people who make Tinseltown work.

This Ad’s for You

Netflix advertising campaign Hollywood

From May 19 to 31, the Netflix advertising campaign will target Los Angeles county. Residents, and specifically the affected full- and part-time crewmembers in Hollywood, will see ads like this one above on one of 17 billboards and more than 100 bus shelters. The goal is to let on-set workers in Hollywood know: “You will work in this town again.” 

While many fans have bemoaned the delays of their much anticipated summer blockbusters, it’s possible we have forgotten there are people — real people — who are out of work and filing unemployment like the more than 47 million people in America currently looking to make ends meet. Since 2018, when we had a record-low 4% unemployment rate, that has skyrocketed 367.5%!

As THR shares, Netflix isn’t the only streamer to speak to crewmembers:

COVID-19 advertising campaign AmazonAmazon converted its “For Your Consideration” billboard plans into a “For Your Community” campaign aimed at promoting COVID-related nonprofit organizations.

Its billboards are currently live in Los Angeles, drawing attention to organizations such as Feeding America, Save the Children, the American Red Cross, World Food Programme and the World Health Organization.

A good handful of those unfortunate souls are in Hollywood. We are all being victimized  by COVID-19. It’s not fair, but it is nice when an industry giant can look within and reach out. This Netflix advertising campaign is a generous reminder that we are all truly in this together.

Featured Image courtesy of THR/Netflix

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