Why Releasing the Snyder Cut is More Important Than You Think

Why Releasing the Snyder Cut is More Important Than You Think

We couldn’t wait for the Justice League because Warner Bros teased us for months. Remember seeing great scenes and hearing about a dynamic story by Zack Snyder, the chief architect of the DCEU? (RIP.) Then, tragedy struck the Snyder family in an unimaginable way. DC and Warner Bros brought in Joss Whedon to complete the film. As a result, we were stuck with the gruesome napsack of turds known as Josstice League

What began out of angst for a ham-handed and thoroughly rushed vision of the DC Comics culmination became more than a message to Warner Bros to give us the movie we paid for — it became a movement.

Release the Snyder Cut

This is a vision of what the Snyder Cut looked like

Did this fabled “Snyder Cut” even exist? Was hours of unused and unedited content on the cutting room floor? Did Joss Whedon really try to lighten up the mood and ignore most of what Zack left? And, nonetheless, was Warner Bros’ bureaucracy and avoidance of fans ruin the reason why we got that cinematic experience?

Huzzah! It’s coming. However, if you ask the acolytes of this vision, it was here all the time. That is why the releasing of the Snyder Cut is much more important than it seems. 

History in the Making

Historic protests
The Tennis Court Oath of the French Revolution. (Image credit: Jacques-Louis David, Le Serment du Jeu de paume, 1791)

The art of progress in this country’s history has been achieved through the power of voice. It is our right to protest the ills of society, the wrongs of power, and the evil of other influences. And, yes, now you can add a gaggle of nerds wanting their mojo. 

Now, yearning for the Snyder Cut doesn’t come close to the protests for suffrage, civil rights, governmental oversight, and even democratic reform. However, the passion it took to draw someone’s attention and make a difference is the merit of change that has been the stuff of reformation around the world for centuries. 


The Snyder Cut needed to be addressed because it was a travesty of…well, justice. Zack Snyder was replaced like a spare tire assuming no one would notice but then, we got in the car and that ride was so damn poor. Yeah, the donut tire just isn’t the same. 

No matter how minuscule you think an issue is, nothing is addressed and nothing is changed without the power of a single voice.

People may not know what’s wrong until someone speaks. Others may not understand the issues in a certain community until words address the problem. 

And in a world of geckaphiles — many of whom have been the brunt of a bully’s angst — addressing the pains in their niche world matters. Having the balloon of their DC dreams burst and whiz out of control around the world was all it took for complete strangers to gather under a single banner of … (pun again) injustice to make a difference. 

For those folk, the power of a voice was all it took to give them hope, purpose, and the support of one vision. The Snyder Cut is a reality and the passion it took to bring it to fruition is a lesson the thousands of champions can cherish for a lifetime. Sounds altruistic and a touch lofty, but if you were one of those acolytes, if you were involved in the outcry, if you have been the brunt of someone’s malevolent actions, you’d understand. 

I know I do. 


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