Did HBO Max Out? Why Roku and Amazon Are Missing

Did HBO Max Out? Why Roku and Amazon Are Missing

Today is the day (at the time of this post)! HBO Max is coming live in all its Warner Media regalia. Fresh off the announcement Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be on the network in 2021, HBO Max rose into supernova status immediately. Subscriptions probably went crazy.

What in the actual @#%* is this?

Meanwhile, of the more than 195.9 million viewers on CTV/OTT (connected TV/over-the-top casting), Roku is only leading the market by a ton and is slated to have more than 45.8% of that pie by 2022. That is followed by Amazon Fire TV with 34.1% in the same year.

Between the two cord cutters, that is more than 80% of the entire mass audience who streams.

So, how surprising is it for both Roku and Amazon Fire TV owners when they wake up today wearing their favorite pair of DC Comics Underroos and find there is no friggin’ app!

Either someone at HBO Max can’t read statistics too well or really overplayed their hand and believed their own hype. Well? We’re waiting…

Grody to the HBO MAX

Source: Warner Media, File

(Yes, the 1980s called and want their headline back. We get it.)

Now that everyone knows — well, it seems, except for Warner Media and Home Box Office — the two biggest players in stream platforms are Roku and Amazon with an overwhelming market share, why is HBO Max only on the “small” shops like Apple TV and Google Chromecast?

If you wanted to, and many will, Roku and Amazon users can commit some sort of cord-cutting espionage and order HBO Max through Hulu or YouTube TV. But, as USA Today, points out:

But if you watch those services on an Amazon or Roku player (or Roku branded TCL smart TVs) your monthly $15 won’t be worth much. Max won’t be playable. And if you have subscribed to HBO Now via Roku or Amazon, your app won’t update to Max, because HBO and the companies couldn’t come to terms. 

USA TODAY, Jefferson Graham

And despite the groundswell of active subscribers to the two platforms, AT&T has determined they are holding all the cards. When asked about what gives, Chris Williard, vice president of communications for the global telecom said, “We don’t have an update to share. As of now, there is no deal in place. If that changes, we’ll let you know.”

Thanks, Chris.

So, for HBO Max: No Roku. No Amazon. And no Comcast. Yeah, seems like Warner Bros. all over again sticking their foot in their mouths and their thumbs in their butts. Maybe a #ReleaseHBOMax campaign? It’s worked before with the new streamer, right?


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