The Fancasting Room | Casting the King of the Jungle, Disney’s Tarzan

The Fancasting Room | Casting the King of the Jungle, Disney’s Tarzan

The live-action remake train isn’t slowing down anytime soon as we have recently heard for Disney’s Tarzan. Whether you like these remakes or not, one thing is for sure…they’re here to stay and will keep on coming as long as Disney has properties to promote.

Recently, I offered a Fancast for the announced live-action remake of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, but that wasn’t the only one unveiled by the Mouse House. Two that got my attention was a live-action remake of Hercules and the aforementioned beloved classic, Disney’s Tarzan.

Yes, the king of the jungle is getting another live-action film. Some of you will groan about this: “Why another one? It’s been done already!” That’s true, but there is something different about Disney’s Tarzan. In my opinion, Disney’s version of the Tarzan story is the best told in film. So, who would work best in that story?

Let’s discuss the fancast for Disney’s Tarzan:

Tarzan (sebastian stan)

Source: Reuters Business News

Sebastian Stan has seen his star rise thanks to his role as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier/The White Wolf in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having a recurring role in the most popular films out now will do that for you. In total, Stan has appeared in five MCU films (not counting his brief post-credit scene cameos in Black Panther and Ant-Man). He even has his own series with Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson) in Phase 4 coming to Disney Plus later this year.

Stan is a well-known actor at this point in his career. With his extensive history as a superhero, it’s safe to assume he already has a great working relationship with Disney, who would probably love to have him headline more films for them. Stan is a versatile actor with leading-man looks who can obviously thrive in action films. We also know he can rock the long hair, like his flow in Infinity War. He would be a great lead for Disney’s Tarzan.

jane porter (daisy ridley)

Source: Getty Images

Daisy Ridley is Disney’s darling. You just know they’re chomping at the bit to get her starring in more of their films now that her time in a galaxy far, far away appears to have to reached its end. Ridley has a huge presence now and knows a thing or two about playing the badass female type. She have provided little girls everywhere a character to look up to and helped bring a classic franchise to a whole new generation of Star Wars fans.

Which brings us to Jane Porter, who is no damsel in distress. She’s feisty, intelligent, and ambitious. Obviously, casting Ridley as Jane is a match made in casting heaven. We know she can save the entire universe. So saving the jungle in Disney’s Tarzan should be a walk in the park for her.

professor porter (Michael Douglas)

Source: Marvel Studios/The Walt Disney Co.

Getting a legend like the great Michael Douglas would be huge for any project. The man has been doing this for a long time and is one of the most recognizable and beloved actors of his generation.

Recently, Douglas starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Dr. Hank Pym, which has gotten his name out there to a whole new fan base and a younger generation. He already has a solid working relationship with Disney, thanks to the Ant-Man and Avengers films, and I really don’t need to sell you on his acting ability. Douglas’ resume speaks for itself. Casting him in Disney’s Tarzan as the affable Professor Porter would be a great move for the film.

Clayton (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Clayton is the villain of Disney’s Tarzan. He’s ruthless and violent wanting to destroy Tarzan’s home, and that of the gorillas, for financial gain. To accomplish this, Clayton tricks Tarzan into thinking he wants to help the gorillas, which obviously is not the case.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is no stranger to playing the villain. Just look at his performance as Negan in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Negan was just like Clayton when it came to outwitting his opposition. Morgan stole every single scene he had as he ate up the scenery with his deliciously evil performance. He is beyond perfect for this role and would be able to fully embody the character.

terk (Rosie O’Donnell)

There’s just certain roles that shouldn’t be recast if the original actor is still able to reprise it. Like The Lion King did in bringing back the great James Earl Jones to voice Mustafa in the 2019 remake, Rosie O’Donnell needs to be brought back to voice Disney’s Tarzan live-action remake as the King of the Jungle’s BFF, Terk.

O’Donnell has such a unique and easily distinguishable voice that recasting this role would be very difficult to do. Not to mention, bringing her back to reprise this role would certainly make fans of the original animated classic happy. Terk was one of the fan favorites as the comedic relief in that film. O’Donnell brought a high level of energy to her voice work and for nostalgia’s sake, bringing Rosie back to voice Terk would be a smart move on Disney’s part.

Tantor (Jordan Peele)

Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Lastly, we have Tarzan’s other BFF, Tantor the elephant. Originally voiced by Wayne Knight in the original, Tantor was another comedic relief source in the original film. Therefore, the role needs an actor with great comedic timing and ability to voice him in the remake.

Jordan Peele not only has a very recognizable voice, but the man obviously has a knack for comedy as seen in his own comedy series, Key & Peele on Comedy Central. Recently, Peele has gotten more into directing, with which he’s been incredibly successful, but we’re sure Disney could convince him to do some voice work on a beloved Disney classic like Tarzan. Peele and Rosie O’Donnell would make one hell of a voice pairing!

All Animated Images Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

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