Batman and Joker at Philadelphia George Floyd Protests, Go Viral

Batman and Joker at Philadelphia George Floyd Protests, Go Viral

Batman was a caped crusader for justice and a hero to the common man thwarted by evil, wherever it may roam. This time, he showed up in real life to a Philadelphia protest about the murder of George Floyd, but in a scene cut straight from the movies…and with the Joker too?!

It’s been a week since a man named George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer over the course of eight minutes and 46 seconds as a knee drilled into the back of his neck strangling him…for using a counterfeit $20 bill to buy some cigarettes. This injustice demanded a public outcry. Unfortunately, as people usually do, many proved why we can’t have nice things.

There has been arson, vandalism, looting, assault against innocent people (and some perceived guilty ones), abuse of authority, and some bully coward hiding in a bunker watching it all happen and doing nothing. Yet, when we need a hero — “he” was there.

No, He’s Batman

Following that real video of George Floyd begging for air and calling for his mama, this nation has been shaken to its core. The times of police brutality from those asshats who smear the valiant heroes who protect and serve us have to go. The times of racial discrimination against anyone for anything should have gone more than two centuries ago. They haven’t, so someone turned on the Bat signal.

That’s when this happened in Philadelphia…

There he is–the cape and cowl watching injustice unfold and looking to do his part to combat the ills of Gotham…eh, Philly. But he wasn’t alone. Apparently, the only thing to unite Bruce Wayne and Arthur Fleck was the life of George Floyd.

America. It really is the Beautiful, even in our darkest hour. Here’s to whoever was that masked man.


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