HBO Maxxed Out Space: DC Movies Already Leaving Network

HBO Maxxed Out Space: DC Movies Already Leaving Network

When HBO Max unveiled its offering and led its charge with Zack Snyder’s mythic Justice League, coming in 2021, fans went ballistic in hopes of the throng of DC movies that would be available at the press of a button into perpetuity. Then, came the rumors of DC Universe cancelling to make room for what HBO Max had to offer. Stars were aligning and geeks were frolicking in the streets wearing cosplay. It was a glorious time.

And now, only weeks later, those fans have quieted, those rumors have stopped spinning, and only question marks are in fans’ thought bubbles concerning the future of the new streamer. Deadline has confirmed a cavalcade of DC movies are already on their way out of HBO Max on July 1.

First, HBO Max comes to the marketplace without a deal with the planet’s largest platform provider, Roku. That’s 45% of the marketplace and HBO Max figured, “Meh.” Now, the DC section on the app isn’t even a permanent home but rather an Airbnb for nerd content. The hell?!

dC Movies Getting a DQ

DC movies leaving HBO Max

Observer was able to corral some nameless representative for HBO Max who offered this about the dearly departed movies leaving in less than a month:

We have a collection of DC films that will rotate on the platform. We have a new batch coming in July and then another batch coming in August. And I have just confirmed that the batch that is on right now will be returning.

some pencil pusher at HBO Max
Well, not that much more…

Returning? Why are they even leaving? Wasn’t this supposed to be the new haven of DC content set to tackle the Disney Plus/Marvel app empire? Apparently not, since 13 of 29 DC Movies are leaving HBO Max in July. For those scoring at home, that is almost half!

Coincidentally, the list begins with Justice League. The rest of DC movies getting the boot are Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, The LEGO Batman Movie, the Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher original Batman movies, Catwoman, Jonah Hex, Steel, Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, and The Losers.

Remember that quote: “They’ll be returning.” Observer shared a “collection [of DC movies] will rotate on the platform.” While Warner Media is the owner of all DC content, there are other pre-existing licensing contracts out there that must end before HBO Max can have them all under lock and key.

FAT Chance

Last Chance HBO Max

As of now, if you are among the chosen without Roku or Amazon who have access to HBO Max, you will have to go to the “Last Chance” section of the app to find all the DC movies that are about to be kicked out of a happy home. Granted, some of the movies like the misanthrope Catwoman and “Batnips” won’t be missed, but this news has to come with a little sting to fans.

Not for nothing, but the ouster isn’t limited to DC movies. The Hobbit films are getting booted back to the Shire as well. Here are some others also in the app’s version of the Wal-Mart $5 DVD bin:

Credit: Ascannio/Shutterstock
  • American Wedding
  • BlacKKKlansman
  • Braveheart
  • Gran Torino
  • Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
  • Ma
  • The Meg
  • Practical Magic
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Selena
  • Shutter Island
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  • Two Weeks Notice
  • Unfriended: Dark Web
  • Us

Both Marvel and DC have been victimized by these pre-existing, iron-clad licensing rights contracts, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise — although it does. On the bright side of this DC Movies imbroglio, HBO Max subscribers will still have access to some of the most recent DC/WB hits like Aquaman, Shazam!, and Joker. The app will still have some of the most beloved animated movies, like Batman: The Killing Joke and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract.

If you are a cinephile or even need more binging content during the pandemic, HBO Max is a salty option with more than 10,000 hours of content. However, if you are looking to have a mini-Comic-Con in the privacy of your own home with blacklight and Cheese Puffs, you may to wait until the DC movies make its anticipated re-return.

Regardless, the petitions against HBO Max can be filed over there.


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