Fair Game | PlayStation 5: What to Expect

Fair Game | PlayStation 5: What to Expect

The time is finally upon us. Sony finally revealed the long awaited PlayStation 5 in an epic reveal event on June 11. In that unveiling, they showcased a few things to get us geeked for the holiday season:

  • a brand new design
  • eye-popping specs
  • a list of titles, new and old
  • other treats coming to the console

The hour-long event (see all the way down there) showed the anticipated game-play from upcoming offerings, most of which was captured on the system’s hardware itself. And boy-oh-boy does it look sweet.

The leap in power is evident immediately by its near life-like graphics. Many systems — including Sony — have bragged about that, but now, it’s different. What Sony showed off only gets more impressive when you look at it, technically.

As one of our first looks into what gaming on next-gen consoles will look like, it did not disappoint. The PlayStation 5 will release alongside the Xbox Series X to usher in this new generation of gaming.

If you weren’t by a monitor during the event, here’s what PlayStation 5 has to offer:

A Sleek, Brand New Design

Sony's PlayStation5 in all of its glory.
Courtesy: Sony

Looks futuristic, right?

We’re finally getting a console that looks like it belongs in 2020. The sexy white curves accented by the black edges and blue lights. It’s truly a beautiful console.

The PlayStation 5 will ship in the two versions seen above: one with an ultra 4k blu-ray drive, and the disc-less, all-digital version. No price has been announced yet, but you can expect the all-digital version to be cheaper by some degree.

The new controller, DualSense, is quite a bit bulkier than previous PlayStation controllers, but it is no less great. Haptic feedback will be replacing the DualShock 4’s rumble technology to give more precise vibrations. Additionally, new adaptive triggers will allow developers to add resistance when firing, and it comes with a built-in microphone and speaker.

DualSense will also be carrying over some of the DualShock 4’s staples, such as the touch pad and audio.

Impressive Specs on the PlayStation 5

Source: Sony

The technical specs of the PlayStation 5 gives a good look at what gaming on next gen looks like.

Chiefly among those glances are Sony providing a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD. We’re not going to pretend as everyone reading this understands what all this gaming jargon means, so we’ll keep this part simple. Custom cards means the PlayStation 5 will be more capable of handling backwards compatibility.

Another impressive feature is 3D audio. The console takes advantage of the Tempest Engine to create three-dimensional soundscapes that adapt where you are in the scene of the game. You may be thinking “surround sound,” but it’s more than that. This will create the sounds all around you and more accurately project them in relation to where you are, immersing you completely in the scene.

This will be noticed in even the smallest of moments when you’re sneaking around in a game like Warzone and can hear exactly where footsteps are around you. As of now, the feature is being built around headsets, but they are working to optimize it for TV speakers and sound bars.

And all Those Games

Source: Insomniac Games

The draw of any console is, of course, the games, and PlayStation 5 is not messing around.

At the reveal stream alone, Sony announced a plethora of titles to expect from the console. The most exciting of which was Spider-Man: Miles Morales, an expansion to the 2018 game. The entire game will be remastered to run on next gen, with this expansion ready to play when the console launches this winter.

Watch the trailer here:

Just look at the Spider-Man: Miles Morales trailer. Did you see that?! Games have never looked better.

The game-play we’ve seen from this console already proves how far technology has come with the next generation. Not only are they able to run such huge games, but they’re able to run them with some of the best graphics we’ve ever seen.

Other titles include Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village, Gran Turismo 7, Sackman: A Big Adventure, yet another remaster of Grand Theft Auto V (The game originally released on the PlayStation 3!), and more. While not announced at the stream, Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 will also make it’s way over to the console with no extra cost if you’ve already owned the expansions.

Overall, the PlayStation 5 is shaping up to be a welcome addition to the PlayStation family and we can’t wait to see the memories and classic games it will bring in the future. Interested in watching the event in its entirety? Here you go…


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