The Fancasting Room | Marvel’s Son of Zeus, Hercules

The Fancasting Room | Marvel’s Son of Zeus, Hercules

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to look very different. No more Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff, but Kevin Feige is making room for Marvel’s son of Zeus, Hercules!

While we still have Thor, many believe his role in Thor: Love and Thunder will be the character’s MCU farewell. Once that happens, this cinematic universe will be forging into unknown territory having lost four of the characters “The Infinity Saga” was built upon.

Luckily, Marvel does such a fantastic job developing their heroes and making the audience care for these characters. Heroes like Peter Parker, T’Challa, Stephen Strange, and Carol Danvers will be returning and ready to lead this universe through Phase 4 and beyond.

If Thor really is going to be leaving the MCU after his next film, Hercules could step in and fill that God-sized gap. But, who could play Marvel’s version of the most famous Demigod?

Let’s step in The Fancasting Room for who could play Hercules:

Clive Standen

Source: World 2000 Entertainment/Take 5 Productions/MGM Television

Clive Standen is not a very big name in the acting world. Nonetheless, that does not mean he is unqualified to take this role. He’s got the perfect look as a physical presence to be MCU’s Hercules. And if you are familiar with his work, you have seen Standen proven many times he has leading-man acting chops.

Mostly known for his role as Rollo in History Channel’s period epic, Vikings, Standen shined throughout the series. More recently, he took on the lead role in the Taken television series, which was based on the Liam Neeson action films. Standen played a younger version of Neeson’s character and while the show only lasted two seasons, he was widely considered one of the few bright spots.

Alexander Ludwig

Credit: Jonathan Hession/History Channel

Another Vikings alumni, Alexander Ludwig has a slightly more prolific acting resume to his name than his fellow Norseman, Standen. That being said, he still hasn’t quite made that breakthrough to go from recognizable co-star to “superstar” that draws people to the theaters. His recent trajectory has definitely set him on the path to make that happen however.

Initially bursting on the scene as Cato in the hugely popular Hunger Games movies, Ludwig has since seen his role in Vikings go from son of Ragnar to Viking leader and main character of the show, which he has taken in stride as the lead role. Recently, he co-starred in 2019’s Midway and this year’s Bad Boys For Life. He has the acting ability and stature to him a good candidate as Hercules in the MCU.

Joe Manganiello

Credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images

This one really doesn’t require much explanation. Joe Manganiello, after some research on the Internet, appears to be one of the most popular picks for the role of Hercules among fans. He clearly has the right look and, like the other candidates on this list, also has the physical makeup to make him believable. Manganiello looks like a natural to play a Roman God.

As of right now, it’s unclear of Manganiello will be reprising his role of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in the DCEU after his post-credits appearance in (the non-Zack Snyder) Justice League. If DC were smart they’d lock him into that role. If not, and that’s been known to happen, then Marvel would be wise to snatch him up quickly for the role of Hercules. He’s a popular actor who would be perfect to bring Marvel’s lesser-known Hercules to life on the big screen.

John Cena

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

John Cena has become a legitimate movie star, following in the footsteps of fellow WWE legend-turned-movie superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s not surprising given just how likable Cena is in almost every movie he’s starred in so far. His acting has improved, which has made him more versatile with every new role creating Cena into a legitimate box-office draw.

Obviously, the guy has the physique to play the Demigod. I mean, Cena is absolutely massive. In films like Blockers, Trainwreck, Bumblebee, and the upcoming F9, Cena has proven his ability as an actor. He has exhibited a real knack for comedy and can obviously thrive in heavy action roles. Bringing Cena into the MCU would be a big win for Marvel.

Ben Robson

Source: World 2000 Entertainment/Take 5 Productions/MGM Television

Our third — yes, third — Vikings alumni in this list of candidates is Ben Robson, who is a lesser-known talent but no less capable. Physically speaking, like all the other candidates on this, Robson is a imposing presence and he definitely has the right look to pull off Hercules.

Outside of his role on Vikings, Robson has co-starred in the hit TNT series, Animal Kingdom in all five of its seasons. Those two roles are the extent of his acting resume, but both have his talents on full display. As we have seen numerous times before, all it takes is one role to propel an actor or actress to stardom and this could be that role for Robson. If you’re able to shine in a role in the biggest cinematic universe in history, you’re pretty much set for the rest of your career.


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