Josh Trank Quits Social Media Over 2015’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

Josh Trank Quits Social Media Over 2015’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

It’s no secret Josh Trank delivered one of the worst reboots in CBM history with his rendition of Fant4stic in 2015 starring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, and Michael B. Jordan. Unfortunately, social media sucks for any one who makes mistakes as the fandom hate has been relentless – five years later.

Josh Trank and his 2015 Fantastic Four reboot
Source: 20th Century Fox/Constantin Film

It seems the director of other interesting movies like Chronicle and the recent Capone, starring Tom Hardy, has finally had enough of the cowardly trolls on social media who pelt him with hate-filled tirades. He gave his “final word” on the matter and deleted all of his social media accounts.

Now that Disney+ has decided to creep in its investment of Fox’s Marvel properties, beginning with Trank’s beleaguered property, Trank thought it was a good idea to leave his social media hiatus and begin engaging again. Josh Trank was also using the end of his respite to promote the airing of his newest movie Capone.

Needless to say, things didn’t end well.

A MoviesMatrix cohort, Dr. Sizzle, shared some of the only screenshots of Trank fighting the trolls.

Unfortunately, the onslaught proved to be too much for the director to bear as Josh Trank went from professional to personal in seconds threatening to pummel some anonymous miserly punk.

Josh Trank has been vocal about the failed attempt to resurrect Reed Richards and his band of brothers and sister. Last month (May 2020), he suggested there is “no need” to release a Director’s Cut of the film.

That reason was largely inspired by his public “disownership” of the movie, which was hampered by millions taken out of his budget, reshooting the entire third act (including how the hell you get rid of Dr. Doom with one punch), and poor marketing outreach.

No telling what Trank will do now, but whatever he chooses to do, with social media out of his life, it should come with a considerable amount of peace. Way to go, Twitter. Another one bites the dust.


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