Keitaro Brings Another Day of Sexual Harassment in the Gaming Community

Keitaro Brings Another Day of Sexual Harassment in the Gaming Community

Professional “Super Smash Bros.” content creator Keitaro was accused of sexual harassment involving a minor on July 2. The girl accused him, in a tweet (see below), of this happening at a party in 2018. Keitaro later admitted to those actions. She also claims everyone at the party knew what happened, including content creator Sky Williams. Sky later posted a live stream claiming that he did not know the situation.

Keitaro tweeted a confession that it was all true, along with a description of everything that happened shortly after the tweet came to light. This included a “Smash Bros.” drinking game that lead to a lot more with the then 16 year-old. At the time, Keitaro was 32.

His accounts have been removed, but little is known at the moment what else will happen to him.

Just One Story of Many

Sexual harassment in the gaming community is everywhere. This time, with Keitaro.

This is the latest in a series of many sexual harassment allegations that have surfaced within the streaming community in the past couple of weeks.

  • Professional gamer Puppeh has recently accused gamer Cinnpie of sexual assault. Puppeh’s description of what she did to him is horrifying and goes back as far as 2016.
  • CaptainZack came out after being “tired of living a life of lies”. He finally accused Nairo of statutory rape.
  • KTDominate was one of the latest people to make an accusation. He accused D1 of rape early on July 2.

All of this comes just days after Twitch announced bans for anybody involved with sexual assault. Something that should’ve been put into place years ago. Coincidentally, or maybe not so much, streamer Dr. Disrespect was banned from the service for seemingly no reason. Twitch has still yet to comment on the situation.

It’s important to note that most, if not all of the accusations being brought to light, were done years ago and are just now coming out. There are probably lots of other stories we have yet to hear and hopefully will be told very soon.

Sexual harassment has no place in the gaming community, or any community for that matter.


We must all remember to be supportive and loving toward these victims and fight for justice. Hopefully all of this will mark a turning point in this horrible situation.


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