Amazon Prime Video Welcomes a Modern Look With User Profiles

Amazon Prime Video Welcomes a Modern Look With User Profiles

Welcome to the 21st Century, Amazon Prime Video!

Streamers have had the ability to create user profiles on their favorite platforms for years. Well, on other platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and even FilmRise. And finally, Amazon Prime Video has decided their users are worthy of user profiles — up to six user profiles, a primary profile plus five additional ones.

If you have the home of some pretty good original content, dig in because you are now able to personalize your own profile to all users worldwide. According to Variety, the company initially launched Prime Video profiles in India and several African countries earlier this spring as a beta test of sorts.

Users worldwide now have access to personalized profiles. With this new feature, users create their own watchlist, get personalized recommendations, and see their viewing progress.

No one understands why it has taken Amazon’s streamer so long to sniff the new age of profiles because they never responded to Variety. One thing is clear — they are finally starting to compete.

What’s New for Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video to offer personalized user profiles (finally)
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Among the new strategy for Prime Video is the following:

Tracking: Amazon Prime Video will recommend different content to each user based on what they watch, while also tracking season progress. Users on other streamers gladly use this feature already, so this should be good.

Children: Granted, on other streamers, setting parental rights really doesn’t matter since kids can easily get into the mommy and daddy adult stash without a password. However, Amazon Prime Video does include a ‘Prime Video Kids’ profile. There, it is simple to set parental controls restricting what younger family members are allowed to watch. And unlike Netflix and Hulu, Prime allows users to use a universal PIN to set parental controls on all accounts.

Profiles: If you’re not certain what to do, the process to create a new profile on Prime Video is simple. Go to the Web or app. In the top right corner of Prime Video’s website, find your account’s name. Click and select the Add New option. Enter the profile’s name, fill it out, and Save Changes. That’s it.

Offline: If you are a desktop/laptop enthusiast and enjoy your porn…eh, entertainment on larger monitors, then Amazon Prime Video was thinking of you. Amazon created an app for Windows PCs, which allows users download content for offline use on your computer.

Now that the streamer has decided to play catch-up, does this change your streaming preference? They’re hoping it will because, of course, Amazon could use the extra coin these days.

Poor Jeff Bezos.


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