Sawed Off: Tobin Bell Isn’t a Horror Fan

Sawed Off: Tobin Bell Isn’t a Horror Fan

When you read the headline “Tobin Bell is not a horror fan,” someone is bound to call bull on that. This is Tobin Bell–the dude who played ‘Jigsaw’, or if you’re slightly older, that psychotic albino from The Firm.

The man’s face and cackling, heavy-on-cigarettes vocal prowess is synonymous with creepy roles and the horror genre. So, when you read this guy doesn’t really dig horror, you feel something is up.

The only thing fishy is the stink that comes from this fact.

The 77-year-old actor sat down with Forbes to promote his new film, a Mexican horror movie called Belzebuth. During the press junket, he revealed something most wouldn’t pick out in a criminal line-up. Tobin Bell revealed he’s not a huge fan of the genre:

Not compared to real horror fans, no, those who are deeply passionate about the genre.

Tobin Bell, Forbes

You Can’t Unring that Tobin Bell

“The Nordic Man” from The Firm
Source: Paramount Pictures/Davis Entertainment

Okay, so Tobin Bell isn’t “passionate” about horror. That’s fine. We like our horror villains to have a certain mystery about them, right?

Fortunately, maybe there is a reason the Saw franchise continued to be creepy AF — he’s learning to dig horror movies more.

I’ve come to appreciate it more because I’ve learned that horror, although it’s been seen by some as the weak sister in cinema. In moviemaking, you can accomplish as much in horror as you can in any other genre.

Tobin Bell, Forbes
Tobin Bell, not a big horror fan, in Belzebuth
Tobin Bell as Vasilio Canetti in ‘Belzebuth.’
Source: RJLE Films/Shudder

And this horror movie trailer definitely allows the funk factor once you see this trailer (below). In case you’re wondering, here’s what drew Tobin to the role as a Vatican priest in Belzebuth:

For many years, horror has been all about the scares and all about the surprises and twists. The best horror is layered and can be interesting from a historical point of view or a religious point of view or a cultural point of view.

This film touches on the marriage between demonology and religion. The demonology goes back to the Aztecs and the Mayans and is much more a part of the culture in Mexico than it is in somewhere like Iowa.

Tobin Bell, Forbes

Whether it’s Mexico or Middle America, Tobin Bell belongs in horror. Whether he really likes it or not.

Belzebuth is available on VOD and Blu-ray.

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