Animal Crossing Glitch Removes Feature, Fans Are Furious

Animal Crossing Glitch Removes Feature, Fans Are Furious

The camera feature was one of the best ways to share your favorite moments of ‘Animal Crossing.’ These are often shared with friends, family, and even on social media. It gives players absolute freedom to have fun and create the scenes they want. It is necessary this feature removes the HUD, but ever since the summer update, you can no longer do that.

First, let’s go over gaming 101: The HUD (Heads-Up Display) is in the majority of games today, typically compiled of your health bar, items collected, and powers available and it varies from game-to-game.

Fans are mad, and rightfully so.

The developers have patched that glitch that allowed so many players to eliminate the HUD while taking pictures with the camera. This is especially frustrating for content creators whose livelihoods depend on good footage and pictures to share with their followers.

What’s the Deal, Animal Crossing?

Image via: Nintendo

‘Animal Crossing’ has become more than just a game. It joins the ranks of games like Minecraft where players go to make short films and other stories. Nobody wants to see the HUD in a short film. It defeats the purpose.

What’s so baffling is these pieces of content aren’t uncommon. A good number of videos on ‘Animal Crossing’ have gone viral. That just leads to wider, free promotion of the game — uninterrupted images for the entire world to see. So what’s the goal of getting rid of this, Nintendo?

Even though the trick used to eliminate the HUD while using the camera wasn’t intended, most likely a glitch, players loved it. It’s such a common thing. It’s a surprise that it hasn’t become an “actual feature.” This wouldn’t be the first time games kept in beloved glitches. ‘Skyrim,’ for instance, is known for leaving in hilarious glitches that players love.

The Players are Speaking out

Image Via: Nintendo

Certain content creators have taken to Twitter to show their annoyance.

Nintendo hasn’t directly spoken out on this issue yet, so it is uncertain whether or not this will return as a feature or not. We can only hope that this will return in a future update down the line. Maybe the second wave of Summer updates, perhaps.


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