Oliver Stone: Hollywood is an “Alice in Wonderland Tea Party”

Oliver Stone: Hollywood is an “Alice in Wonderland Tea Party”

Acclaimed director, certified Vietnam war hero (thank you for your service) and noted conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone never shies away from a hot take. This time, his crosshairs are set squarely on the fancy sign in the Hollywood Hills.

This time, Stone has come out strong about the current sociopolitical environment because, well, it cramps his style.

“It’s just so expensive — the marketing,” said Stone, 73. “Everything has become too fragile, too sensitive. Hollywood now — you can’t make a film without a COVID adviser. You can’t make a film without a sensitivity counselor. It’s ridiculous.”

Oliver Stone, New York Times Magazine, July 2020

Oliver Stone: ‘Social distance this.’

Oliver Stone isn't happy about Hollywood and The Academy indecisive and politically correct ways.
Credit: Uli Heckmann/Corbis Outline

He really has a problem with the time constraints social distancing imposes on directors.

“You know, I just read something about how films are going to be very expensive to make now, because you need to take all these precautions, and a 50-day shoot becomes a 60-day shoot, and social distancing for actors. That’s what I’m talking about.” 

Managing COVID-19 in the real world has been cumbersome for everyone, Oliver. Sorry for the issues it causes you and your ilk in the fake world too. Of course, it’s rather unprecedented in any industry, but Stone continues to expound that Coronavirus sucks. And, in his humble opinion, it’s AMPAS’ fault.

“The Academy changes its mind every five, 10, two months about what it’s trying to keep up with…It’s politically correct [expletive], and it’s not a world I’m anxious to run out into. I’ve never seen it quite mad like this. It’s like an Alice in Wonderland tea party.”


Keen words coming from the Mad Hatter of Hollywood. Moving on…

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