Slideshow: Steppenwolf’s Base on Full Display

Slideshow: Steppenwolf’s Base on Full Display

If you have a pulse and consider yourself a geckaphile, you can’t wait for HBO Max to bring us Zack Snyder’s Justice League and show us what Darkseid and Steppenwolf should look like. Rumored to be a four-hour saga, possibly broken up in two parts, this version of the film will rectify the many ways Warner Bros. butchered the original vision of DC Comics’ mightiest heroes.

If you have been following Snyder on Vero or Twitter, you have seen him leak cryptic shots and unreleased scenes that we should have seen the first time around. One of the most profound was a close-up shot of Steppenwolf, the right-hand acolyte of Darkseid. What started as a grueling demonic general of Darkseid was the CGI chop-shop version of Steppenwolf, portrayed by Ciaran Hinds.

Steppenwolf before and after
Steppenwolf: Before and Way After
Source: Zack Snyder/Atlas Entertainment/Warner Bros.

The one thing we really didn’t get was a glimpse of Apokolips, from whence that baddie comes. Now, thanks to some anonymous geek in Imgur, we have almost 30 images of Steppenwolf’s Base on Apokolips and they are righteous! Check them out. No doubt when Zack Snyder’s Justice League comes to HBO Max, we will see Steppenwolf in his gruesome regalia.

And if this doesn’t get you stoked for the movie, go enjoy your baking recipes or something.


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