NBCUniversal Prepares to Publish in the Comic World

NBCUniversal Prepares to Publish in the Comic World

Fresh on the heels of Peacock TV, NBCUniversal is feeling themselves. Therefore, they have another big headline — one that may make a few geckaphiles scratch their skullies. They’re getting into the comic business. Yes, as in NBCUniversal TV is making comic books.

Instead of seeing their name in lights, they would like to see it on bookshelves under the banner of Universal Content Productions (UCP), as they have told Variety.

Similar to our strategy with launching UCP Audio, we want to offer storytellers the opportunity to create for multiple content platforms including graphic novels. Our goal is for UCP to be a home for great storytelling, no matter the medium

Dawn Olmstead, UCP Studio President

Grant Morrison and NBCUniversal

Sources: REX/Shutterstock/DC Comics

UCP Graphic’s inaugural effort to hit bookstands and tablets near you will be an original comic-book series, “Proctor Valley Road,” from Alex Child and veteran comics and TV writer Grant Morrison, who will co-write the first five issues.

NBCUniversal secures Batman Arkham Asylum writer and creator, Grant Morrison.
Source: DC Comics

As you can see, NBCUniversal is not jacking around. To come out swinging in this market, they needed a big bat, so they recruit Grant Morrison.

In case you’re not familiar with his work, his portfolio will bedazzle your nerd soul.

Known largely for his work with DC’s Action Comics and Black Label, Morrison was the muse behind the acclaimed graphic novel ‘Batman – Arkham Asylum

Morrison has also contributed or curated works on ‘Doctor Who’, “Fantastic Four’, ‘Green Lantern’, ‘New X-Men’ and his seminal work, ‘The Invisibles’. (Yeah, he’s dope!)

According to Variety, Boom! Studios will publish the series ‘Proctor Valley Road,’ which tells the story of a group of teenage girls suspected in the disappearance of several teen boys in a 1964 California beach town.

Now before you roll your eyes, you should know NBCUniversal and UCP are no slouches to the geek world. They are behind the Netflix hit, The Umbrella Academy, as well as Syfy’s Deadly Class and Resident Alien. Now that NBCUniversal (and friggin’ Grant Morrison) has gotten your attention, let’s see where this train goes. (Because we know it won’t be anywhere on Roku or Amazon Fire…yet.)


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