Taron Egerton Locks In Starring Role for ‘Tetris’ Movie

Taron Egerton Locks In Starring Role for ‘Tetris’ Movie

Since 2016, the classic Nintendo video game ‘Tetris‘ has been in talks about becoming a real movie. How is a completely other post, but for years, gamers have been clamoring about ‘Tetris’ becoming a film. Four years later, we discover Taron Egerton is slated to lead the movie.

Tetris will be unlike a typical video game movie, like Assassin’s Creed, Battleship, or Resident Evil, which take place in the game. The GameBoy-inspired film will be a biopic as Taron Egerton will portray Henk Rogers. He is the Dutch-born, Hawaiian-based co-creator of ‘Tetris’ and founder of The Tetris Company (which owns the Tetris trademark).

The Daily Mail’s entertainment columnist, Baz Bamigboye, broke the story:

The Back Story of ‘Tetris’

In 2016, Tetris was supposed to be a trilogy series about being inside the game.
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If you don’t know the story between Rogers and his legal dispute with a Soviet computer programming agency, Daily Mail offers a solid summary in their story releasing the news.

It’s important to note at the crux of this debate was Robert Maxwell, software company entrepreneur, and his son Kevin (who now runs the Maxwell estate):

At the heart of the dispute was Tetris, the addictive console game created by Alexey Pajitnov, a Russian programmer, which Nintendo loaded onto its Game Boy devices. After many skirmishes with the Maxwells and other parties, Rogers managed to secure the intellectual property rights to Tetris for himself — and for Pajitnov. 

Now the film has a star and a director, Jon S. Baird (Stan & Ollie…so yeah, let’s hope it is better). The idea was Baird’s to delve into the legal battles that took place during the Cold War. Filming is planned to begin in September, with full safety procedures being taken, as other high-profile actors are courted to join the cast.


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