‘Toy Story 3’ Director: “Toys Can Die.”

‘Toy Story 3’ Director: “Toys Can Die.”

People have too much time on their hands these days, so when Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich is asked if his living toys like Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, and Hamm can ultimately perish–we get an answer. Only this one isn’t a typical Pixar pick-me-up. It’s more like a typical Pixar “we just killed another parent” bombshell.

Man, this year keeps getting worse.

Toy Story’s Burning Feeling

Toy Story 3 - the toys in the incinerator

So, that happened.

While you were sleeping, we were given the news that all our favorite living toys can indeed be burnt to a crisp and eventually go to that big toy hope chest in the sky. Of course, if you’re familiar with the great Pixar franchise, he is referring to the scene in Toy Story 3 when our friends escape the incinerator.

Sure, we all watched with gritted teeth, wet eyes, and a few clinched butts that harrowing scene of the mouth of fire about to swallow them up, but alas, Pixar needed to make Toy Story 4. Yet, there’s that question this dude and his girl were arguing about: “Can Toy Story toys die?”

And dude went straight to the source, the creator of the incinerator scene himself. Just when you thought Coronavirus couldn’t get any worse, some nerd has us questioning toys’ mortality.

Thanks a lot, 2020. You may go now.


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