Michael Chiklis’ “The Thing” Head from ‘Fantastic Four’ Could Be Yours

Michael Chiklis’ “The Thing” Head from ‘Fantastic Four’ Could Be Yours

The year was 2005 when we got our first glimpse of the Fantastic Four on film. Needless to say, it was one of those fart-and fall-down moments. The hype was through the roof, but the actual product was ‘meh.’ The action wasn’t bad, but people wanted better–namely in the CGI department. Overall, it hasn’t fared well in the grand scheme of things among all Marvel movies.

Reed Richards’ (Ioan Gruffudd) overly elastic body looked more like taffy at the State Fair. Nevertheless, Marvel did find their Captain in Chris Evans’ Human Torch. Many enjoyed the obligatory eye candy in Sue Storm (Jessica Alba). Dr. Doom (Julian McMahon) wore a Halloween mask you can buy at those pop-up costume stores. And speaking of masks…

There’s actually one for sale: Michael Chiklis’ “The Thing” head prop can be yours. But, this ain’t thrift store shopping.

What’s That (The) Thing Cost?

If you like The Thing from 2005's 'Fantastic Four', you can own a part of it.
Source: eBay: U/entertain_me

Yeah, that happened while you were sleeping. There’s the head prop of The Thing, and it can be yours for the size of a small bank loan. Well, it’s now 20% off, so there’s that.

The movie from Tim Story isn’t canon of the MCU, isn’t beloved, and isn’t that good, but still…it’s The Thing’s head. Like, from the movie. And you can buy it. (Well, maybe not you. More like a much wealthier version of you.)

If you’re interested in the head of The Thing, the sale price is now at $6,400 Canadian, which is around $4,785 USD or €4,036 EUR. Oh, $95 CAD/$71.06 for shipping and handling. Just so you know what you’re getting into. Does any of this make you want to reach for that wallet or purse?

Marvel’s Fantastic Four Thing’s Head Piece Prop. This is a Head from the movie Fantastic Four by Tim Story. The head has eyes that are not fixed directly to the mask. Message us for any questions about this product.

eBay U/entertain_me

Is The Thing for Real?

Source: 20th Century Fox/Marvel/Constantin Films

No authenticity record. No proof for purchase. Just the word of some dude who owns an eBay storefront. Sure, this seems like a good, wholesome business from a Canadian collectible source, but who knows? Dude could have made that with a 3D printer and is trying to get paid. You know, taxes and stuff.

Mind you, this could actually be Ben Grimm’s head as The Thing in that bemoaned sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. “Entertain_Me” is in New Brunswick. The sequel was filmed in Vancouver.

One other thing: The eyes are not fixed to the mask. So, you could be positioning your mask ensconced in glass and lustful mood lighting and then it happens–the eyes pop out and your pet ferret has a play toy.

Not a good look if a date comes by, you nasty serial killer you. You’ve been warned.


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