AMC Theaters CEO: “Cleaning Costs Will Be Passed to the Consumer.”

AMC Theaters CEO: “Cleaning Costs Will Be Passed to the Consumer.”

Tenet is coming, and with it, a mass eisodos back to the movie theaters. Just don’t buy a ticket to AMC Theaters. Why? AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron seems to not give two turds about you. You see? You’re actually not the loving patrons of AMC set to bring back their beleaguered business from the bankruptcy dead. You are actually the ones who will be paying their multibillion-dollar cleaning bill.

As we have pointed out before, AMC Theaters is all about “show business.” That’s why they are planning on shrinking theatrical release times to two weeks instead of eight, at the public risk of its patrons. But now, thanks to a riveting article in Variety, we now know the AMC Theaters CEO plans to foot you with the bill as well.

The Price of Doing Business

AMC Theaters CEO wants the customer to pay for his business to stay clean. Classy.
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Ever heard the phrase: “That’s the price of doing business”?

Well, when a company loses $2.2 billion in three months, any CEO would look for ways to absolve that price tag just a skosh. Sure, the U.S. government can help bailout the entertainment industry like they have been doing, and that helps.

However, AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron wants all the monies, so expect your popcorn to cost much more, your soda to cost the price of a few 12 packs, and that souvenir cup? Well, figure out how to bathe in that thing just to get your investment back.

Here’s why:

Aron did drop one interesting item. He noted that AMC’s new safety and cleaning procedures will be expensive and that the costs will be “passed on to the consumers.” That could mean higher ticket prices or that popcorn gets to be more of a luxury snack food.

amc theaters ceo adam aron

AMC Theaters CEO is Not Your Movie Buddy

Maybe they can stay that way too?

In the near 100-year history of AMC Theaters, they haven’t experienced a quarter like this. Not during the recession of 2000, the Great Depression, or ever. That is, until Coronavirus came calling. And when you are responsible for the fiscal well-being of 1,000 theatres and 11,000 screens in 15 countries around the globe, the electric bill isn’t a couple hundred bucks.

So, who better to take care of the extra few million hectares of hand sanitizer and that nasty Vicks Vaporub staff sprayed all over the seats? The very people who will benefit from it all. You.

Please? You thought the magnificent AMC Theaters CEO was going to park his highfalutin ass in those cheap pleather recliners?

“We are very close to theaters opening soon in the United States. See you at the movies. See you at AMC.”

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No, Mr. Aron. Thanks for your transparency, but no, you won’t.


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