We Told Ya So: James Wan Giving ‘Aquaman 2’ More of His “Scary Sauce”

We Told Ya So: James Wan Giving ‘Aquaman 2’ More of His “Scary Sauce”

James Wan may be the new master of the macabre, but he is not holding in suspense over Aquaman 2. You see, back in February 2019, there was a report about Wan making a spinoff from Aquaman revolved around the Xenomorph on crack looking beasts in The Kingdom of the Trench.

Upon hearing that news, we decided to shout from the rooftops why that is a great idea and how those plans would affect Aquaman 2. In short, to get to a healthy spinoff focused on the Trench, Aquaman 2 would need a evil smidgen of horror to get into the origin and discovery of these gill-faced, shark bait demigorgons.

Eventually, DC Comics may use a horror version of its heroic CBMs as a beta test for something like, uh, Justice League Dark. Well, James Wan did more than just whet our appetite; he’s making stomachs growl for this bloodlust everywhere.

Aquaman 2: Lessons from the Trench

Source: Warner Bros./Panoramic Pictures

Aquaman was a billion-dollar film — DC’s first — and James Wan had full creative control. Aside from that cringe-centric soundtrack (Pitbull and love songs in a damn CBM?!), all eyes were firmly fixed on a sequel. Aquaman 2 has already been green-lit and the release date is set for December 16, 2022.

Thanks to the evergreen buzz DC FanDome is creating among the geekly faithful, Aquaman 2 is getting a considerable more lionshare of the deserved buzz. And DC Comics shared it all:

In case you didn’t click on the pre-FanDome interview to get geckaphiles all lathered up, James Wan end up talking about his first love, horror.

I think it’s something that’s a big part of who I am, and it just naturally comes out in these kinds of films. Naturally, my love for the horror genre means that I just latch myself to these scenes and try to kind of give them a little bit more of my ‘scary sauce’ on them.

James Wan via DC FanDome chat

What We Can Expect with ‘Aquaman 2’

'Aquaman 2' is not only going to set up a spinoff, but also establish something we haven't seen in DC Comics films -- horror! from James Wan!

“Scary Sauce,” huh?

James Wan better bottle that ish up because he needs to patent that stuff. We’ve all seen what he has done with both the Saw and Conjuring franchises. And now, he is planning to uncork that proprietary bottle of Scary Sauce all over his next DC project like Cholula Hot Sauce all over a fresh batch of scrambled eggs.

If there is anything James Wan is a genius at doing, it’s pushing the proverbial envelope and never mailing it in. We are watching an underwater epic and then, we are caught smack dab in a horror sequence. It was genius and had his malevolent fingerprints all over it.

I’m well aware of the movie that I was making, and I never think go darker in terms of visuals, but I didn’t want to go darker in terms of tone if that makes sense.

I feel like I can get away with it because they’re sea monsters, and I can have it be a flash of a scary moment in there and have fun with that. But ultimately, I didn’t want to do anything depressing with it.

james wan via dc fandome chat

If you liked Aquaman, you’re going to love Aquaman 2.

If you like James Wan, you’re going to love how he scatters horror in this sequel.

And if you love horror, well…who better to do this movie. Then, ultimately, usurp from that movie the makings of a horror CBM spinoff. It could be the scariest origin movie ever. Man, bring on DC FanDome!

One more thing: We did tell ya so.


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