Fair Game | 8 Characters We Need to See in ‘Injustice 3’

Fair Game | 8 Characters We Need to See in ‘Injustice 3’

One of the most important aspects of a fighting game like Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat is the roster of characters at your disposal. Every character comes with a distinctive set of skills to learn. And, the more options to choose from, the better.

After the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2, all eyes are on a third game in the series. Where there’s a fighting game, there is always speculation over what characters will be included. Despite having over fifty playable characters accessible across the first two games, the entire DC Universe is infinitely vast and the possibilities are endless.

Here are eight characters we want to see in ‘Injustice 3‘.


Vixen is a DC character we want to see in 'Injustice 3'
Source: CW Seed/Blue Ribbon Content

If you want to get technical, Vixen did make “an appearance” in Injustice 2, but only as an alternate skin for Cheetah. Although it was her looks, she only had the abilities of Cheetah which doesn’t begin to justify the unique set of skills she has.

Vixen has a magical totem that gives her the power to harness the spirit of any animal, which she clearly uses in combat. She can either soar across the arena like an eagle or charge at her enemies like a bull. There are plenty of options to explore in ‘Injustice 3’ for her, and thanks to recent shows featuring Vixen like Legends of Tomorrow, she is getting more popular and could be a possibility for the game.

Doctor Sivana

Source: DC Comics

Doctor Sivana is a villain to Shazam. Mark Strong portrayed him in the 2019 live-action movie alongside Zachary Levi. Shazam! was well received by critics and fans alike, so now would be a good time to capitalise on its success. Specifically, get him in ‘Injustice 3.’

Doctor Sivana is an evil genius with the unique ability of intangibility. He can phase through walls and any other solid objects, which is an ability we haven’t seen explored in the Injustice series yet. He is also a mastermind inventor, so he is more than capable of holding his own in a fight against someone like Batman.


Source: DC Comics

Okay so I know what your thinking. After Steppenwolf’s shocking performance as the main villain in the critically panned Justice League, you probably don’t want to see another adaption of him anytime soon, right? But ‘Injustice 3’ would be the perfect chance to restore some glory to this supervillain. (That is, if the Snyder Cut doesn’t get there first.)

Steppenwolf would be a huge powerhouse character with his weapon of choice being a massive battle axe. With superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, he is as powerful and dangerous as they get. He is the uncle to one of DC’s biggest supervillains Darkseid, a character that has already had his time to shine in ‘Injustice 2’…and would be awesome again in ‘Injustice 3’.

Ra’s Al Ghul

Source: DC Comics

Ra’s Al Ghul was a character I was surprised to see has not made an appearance in the ‘Injustice’ series yet. One of the biggest rivals to Batman, he operates in the shadows. A ruthless adversary and leader of The League of Assassins.

NetherRealm Studios is no stranger to using characters with the technique of a ninja. Sub-zero, Scorpion, and Smoke are just a few ninja characters used in the popular franchise Mortal Kombat. And like them, Ra’s Al Ghul is skilled in martial arts, alchemy, and wielding a sword, Ra’s Al Ghul can disappear into a puff of smoke only to re-appear behind his foes ready to attack swiftly, which would be awesome in ‘Injustice 3.’

Killer Croc

Source: Rocksteady Studios/Arkham Asylum

Killer Croc is another Batman villain to make this ‘Injustice 3’ list. Batman has one of the best rogues galleries of all time, so this should come as no surprise. Originally known as Waylon Jones, he suffers from a rare genetic condition that caused his skin to transform into a crocodile-like appearance. Ergo, he eventually adopted the name ‘Killer Croc.’

Killer Croc appeared in a small non-playable cameo on ‘Injustice 2,’ which led many to wonder if he would later be added to the game. Of course, gamers were ultimately left disappointed when he wasn’t.

With his character design seemingly already created, it would surprise nobody to see him become a character in this franchise’s future. His brute strength, razor sharp claws, and knives for incisors would make him a fun character to use. NetherRealm Studios could even take inspiration from the Mortal Kombat character Reptile.

Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)

Source: DC Comics

Helena Bertinelli sets out to exact revenge after witnessing her entire family get murdered by a ruthless mob boss at a young age. She dedicates her entire life to training in every form of combat imaginable and becomes the superhero called Huntress. Her preferred weapon of choice is the Crossbow.

Now is the perfect time for this character to be added to this franchise. Huntress had a starring role in the hit movie Birds of Prey this year (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead). And it would be welcomed by gamers and cinephiles since her character was met with overwhelming praise from the fans, myself included.


Source: DC Comics

Heatwave is a supervillain of the Flash and a member of The Rogues. He is a pyromaniac armed with a deadly flamethrower and equipped with a suit that protects him from heat and fire. In some comic continuities, he has powers that allow him to expel fire from his body.

He is usually seen causing trouble with his partner in crime Captain Cold. Having them fight side-by-side, or even against each other, would turn up the heat for ‘Injustice 3’.


Constantine would be a great addition to 'Injustice 3'
Source: DC Comics

Constantine was another character whom I was incredibly surprised to see has not featured in the game series yet. He is a powerful warlock with vast knowledge of everything mystical, including the occult. Including him would create a shift in focus and shine a light on the darker side of DC Comics.

His character has always been a popular one for the fans. Keanu Reeves portrayed him in his own standalone movie, which went on to become a cult classic. Later, Matt Ryan portrayed him in the TV show Legends of Tomorrow. Both performances were met with a great amount of praise. Constantine provides a unique take on how we perceive superheroes–someone who absolutely needs to be a character on ‘Injustice 3.’

Is your favorite superhero not on this list? Drop a comment with who you want to see in Injustice 3!


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