The Snyder Cut Journey: What We Know and What We Expect

The Snyder Cut Journey: What We Know and What We Expect

Since 2015, the road for the fabled Snyder Cut and DCEU fans has been a rocky one.

There was that one incredible moment in Hall H when the Batman v Superman trailer came on and everyone went nuts! That moment took the hype for this franchise to a whole new level. However, after the release of the film, things took a turn for the worse.

The criticism for Batman v Superman hit the fanbase hard and for many years, they had to defend Zack Snyder and his film. Imagine that, defending Zack Snyder?! Four years later, that particular Snyder Cut is still very much divisive and constantly raises a negative discourse online.

After Warner Bros. took the damage from Batman v Superman, their next film was Suicide Squad. This also faced harsh criticism online from everyone. The DCEU franchise has not had an easy entry into the world of comic book movies, but the fans still had faith in Zack Snyder to deliver with Justice League.

Justice League: Before and After

The Snyder Cut reached mythic proportions, thanks to Joss Whedon wetting the bed.

As Justice League was completing being filmed, Zack Snyder would post updates on his Vero account, with storyboards, still pictures, and behind-the-scenes photos. In March 2017, it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Zack and Deborah Snyder experienced a tragedy in their family, as their daughter, Autumn passed away from suicide.

It was rumoured Zack wanted to finish Justice League and asked Warner Bros to postpone filming, but they refused and hired Joss Whedon to finish the film. Zack Snyder stepped down from his own film to be with his family, as his work was slowly chopped up and left on the cutting room floor.

Joss Whedon stepped in and only used 10% of Zack Snyder’s footage that was already completed. The rest of the film was reworked and rewritten to fit Whedon’s vision of Justice League, which was released under Zack Snyder’s name for the final result.

Which in turn created one of the largest controversies in film history: the demand for the “Snyder Cut”.

Joss Whedon removed the heart of Justice League in his rewrite. This unnecessary open-heart surgery included Ray Fisher’s Cyborg being cast aside and given a much smaller role. Whedon added a Russian family in the third act, which was apparently more important than character, plot, or team development.

Fans could tell the difference from the very first Justice League trailer, which was the original Snyder Cut, versus Joss Whedon’s version. The lighting was off. The atmosphere felt different. The humour was not the dark sarcasm we are accustomed to in Man of Steel or Batman v Superman.

It was a completely different film and not at all the Justice League we were expecting.

Sources say “Justice League” reshoots have been used to punch up the dialogue. Whedon, the director of “The Avengers,” is well respected for his ability to create memorably wry exchanges between his characters.

Brett Lang, Justin Kroll via Variety

The fans were skeptical with Joss Whedon’s vision because Zack Snyder’s vision for the DCEU was extremely different than what the MCU had to offer. That was never seen as a bad thing. Whedon’s choices were very interesting and did not really capture the same essence Zack Snyder already put in place in the previous two installments of his Superman story arc.

What we got was clearly the “Josstice League” and all we really wanted was the real Snyder Cut.

The case against the Josstice League

Ultimately, when we saw the movie in theaters, the final product felt forced and extremely rushed, leaving Warner Bros with another bust at the box office. Justice League earned $228 million domestic and $656 million worldwide, as reported by Forbes’: “It cost Warner Bros more money to make it, than it brought in.”

This impressive collage shows the differences from the Snyder Cut versus Joss Whedon’s reshoots.

ZSJL reshoots
Source: @Deven_Wagner on Twitter

The social platform ‘Vero’ is something Zack Snyder used throughout his journey on Justice League. Seen below are the early stages when Warner Bros asked him to cut down his runtime.

ZSJL early vero

As Zack Snyder continued answering fan questions on his Vero account. Fans began to question what actually happened with Warner Bros and Justice League. Zack did not watch Joss Whedon’s film. He stayed away from everything after he was forced to give up his film.

Let’s stack up the evidence:

Exhibit A: Fans Asking Questions About Joss Whedon’s Cut of Justice League 

ZSJL 2 Vero

Exhibit B: Zack Snyder Posting His Scene of Cyborg and His Family

ZSJL 4 Vero

Exhibit C: An Image of Uxas Which Was not Used in Joss Whedon’s Cut

ZSJL 3 Vero

Releasing the snyder cut 

Zack Snyder's Justice League
[Editor’s Note: Just a moment to applaud the efforts of everyone who supported the releasing of the Snyder Cut, at any duration of this journey. We all stand with Zack!]

On January 7, the attention for this real Snyder Cut gained a new level of momentum. Fans of the Snyder Cut stood outside the Warner Bros Headquarters with a #ReleaseTheSnyderCut sign, showing them that fans truly do care about Zack Snyder’s full vision.

After this, the movement became even stronger and fans of Zack Snyder continued to press on social media that his cut existed and was, in fact, real. There were multiple sources confirming and reassuring all of everyone about the real Snyder Cut and that it would come out in due time.

#ReleaseTheSnyderCut went viral and the fans were dedicated and unrelenting for four years. It wasn’t until Zack Snyder posted this image on his Vero that fans really pushed the envelope on the movement.

ZSJL 1 Vero

Zack Snyder showed fans the film reels of his original 214 minute cut that he has kept with him. It is real. The Snyder Cut does exist.

During all of this, there was also merchandise that was sold through Ink To The People that fans purchased to support the Snyder Cut and all proceeds went to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The fans were so incredibly dedicated to ensure Zack Snyder’s full vision for Justice League would be seen in whatever form because of the poor circumstances that caused him to step back. The fans believed it was mishandled and that Zack deserved justice.

March 27, 2020: the 4th Anniversary of the often divisive Batman v Superman, Zack hosted a watch party on Vero and that night, something very unexpected happened. The entire cast of Justice League showed up in support which made for a very emotional evening to say the least. Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck all used the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag on their social platforms. The Justice League stood united.

Jason rtsc

Shortly after, the hashtag grew stronger and continued to be the Number One trending topic for a couple of days. Fans continued to push and started questioning when the official drop would be. The rumours began to swirl, claiming that Zack was going to strike a deal with HBO Max.

Maximum Effect

To help lead the masses into a frenzy, Zack wanted to host a Man of Steel watch party to restore some hope in the world.

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 3.40.36 PM

Many people tuned in because there was “a rumoured surprise” at the end of the watch party. People claimed Zack had some information on the Snyder Cut.

During the watch party, he shared his storyboards and gave running commentary about the details he used in Man of Steel and then his wife and executive producer Deborah Snyder, came and joined the party.

After the film was over, Zack invited fans to ask questions on his Vero but what they did not expect, was Superman himself making an appearance. Henry Cavill showed up in his famous blue tank top and helped Zack Snyder reveal the official HBO Max poster for ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’.

There is no set date but it was confirmed that it was coming out in 2021. Finally.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Teaser Trailer 

eventful celebrations for the snyder cut

Justice Con is a fanmade event, created by three, very dedicated women on Twitter and YouTube, @TheNerdQueens and @ya_girlmeg/Wonder Meg on both platforms.


Justice Con was a complete success and it was filled with so much positivity during those two days! Ray Fisher had his own panel and discussed Cyborg’s arc in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. He also addressed the alleged toxicity on set with Joss Whedon in the director’s chair. Toward the end of his panel, Zack Snyder jumped in and the views skyrocketed. Fans loved seeing Zack and Ray interact on the livestream!

Right after, Zack Snyder had his panel and taught the fans about aspect ratios because he is using a different aspect ratio for the Snyder Cut. Zack also revealed a new t-shirt in honour of his daughter Autumn and his dedicated fanbase.

zs ap

It will be released over at Ink To The People and all proceeds will go to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Zack didn’t stop there: He gave us a short, 20 second clip of something fans have been waiting for — Henry Cavill in the black Superman outfit.

This is the kind of content we need at DC FanDome!

You can expect a darker version of Justice League with Victor Stone at the center of the story. Zack Snyder always intended to have Cyborg as the heart of Justice League. There are plenty of more scenes with him at the forefront. There are possible Martian Manhunter scenes, more of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, a first look at Ryan Choi (Atom) working in Star Labs with Silas Stone, and a possible Green Lantern cameo!

What we do know is that we are getting a full Zack Snyder’s Justice League trailer on August 22. So get your accounts ready, go schedule your panels and get ready to enter…. the SNYDERVERSE!


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