Netflix’s Ugly Apology on Borderline Pedo Promotional Poster for ‘Cuties’

Netflix’s Ugly Apology on Borderline Pedo Promotional Poster for ‘Cuties’

Netflix stepped all the way into some hot water for promoting their new movie Cuties, only there was nothing cute about what happened. You see, someone (who is probably one of the millions of unemployed today) thought it was a good idea to sexualize 11-year-old girls.

Mind you, this is the same network that promoted a sizzle reel documentary about maligned, sardonic, and dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Considering how popular Filthy Rich was, you would think Netflix would have thought twice about Cuties.

They didn’t and mass hysteria ensued.

Cancel Culture Got it Right on ‘Cuties’

Netflix Cuties is not cute. In fact, it is completely ugly when you consider it's peddling kids as sex symbols.
If you would like to sign, please do

And that number is only going up.

The hell were they thinking?! “Oh, it’s some French movie about kids. It’s different there, so our subscribers won’t have a problem. Right?” Wrong.

At 11, some little girl is “fascinated with a twerking dance crew.” That alone should have been a red flag for someone that the director (Maïmouna Doucouré) of this series drives a white van with no windows and “sells ice cream.”

The outcry over Cuties was immediate, direct, and strong. This is a TV-MA series about 11-year-olds. (Yet, another ignored red flag.) Who cares that it is a “French coming-of-age dramedy about four friends. This is pedo porn. Seriously.

This is another on-point description: According to a review in The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is about a child stepping away from her traditional Senegalese family and trying to fit in “by joining a posse of preciously sexualized dancers.”

They’re effing 11 years old!

Yet, the promotion went on from Netflix.

Cuties: Not Cute At All

That better be her getting Cheetos off her fingers!

The Daily Caller got the ball rolling against Cuties with this:

To wit, Netflix begrudgingly gave us this cockamamie excuse:

Oh, excuse the hell out of us. “It won an award at Sundance” so it has to be good. You know, Epstein probably won some humanitarian of the year award, so should we assume Netflix’s series about him was just investigative reporting with a lighthearted twist?

No, they wanted to bury him while he was already dead. Yet, no one at Netflix has children so Cuties gets a pass. There are hashtags out there like #NetflixPedoNetwork and #CancelNetflix making the rounds on any social network. It’s all deserved for the tone-deaf focus, response, and lackluster action from this network.

Tell ya what Reed Hastings (CEO of Netflix): The next time some avant-garde movies wins an award at Sundance, how about show it to your kids and see their expression. You know, kinda like my daughter did when she read the damn thing.


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