‘The Suicide Squad’ May Have to Wish Upon a Starro in New Film

‘The Suicide Squad’ May Have to Wish Upon a Starro in New Film

Following DC FanDome, geckaphiles everywhere are dissecting all the video we were treated to see during the all-virtual event. Trailers have been inspected. Interviews were diluted. And even some behind-the-scenes footage may have shared an Easter Egg of villainous intentions from James Gunn.

In short, it looks like the nemesis of The Suicide Squad has been (accidentally) revealed. And the big baddie is Starro the Conqueror. If you’re not too familiar with the Asteroidea in the galactic sea, here’s a breakdown of Starro as found in the DC Comics wiki:

[Starro the Conqueror is] a member of the Hatorei species who used their innate psychic abilities to communicate with one another in the distant past and now uses the method to enslave and gain control of a Star Conqueror Motherstar to use the other Starros as his instrument of conquest.

DC Comics Wiki, New Earth

Shoot for the Starro

Starro the Conqueror and the Justice Society of America
Source: Justice League of America/DC Comics

On the surface, you wouldn’t think a giant starfish would be a terrible enemy for the Justice League or The Suicide Squad, but not so much.

The alien physiology of the “Mother Star” is not what you would expect from something you can drum up on a snorkeling adventure off the coast of Cozumel. Guess again:

  • Superhuman strength — Not as much as Superman, but he could wallop Hercules
  • Reproduction — More like cloning one he leeches onto someone’s head
  • Regeneration — Imagine what Wolverine can do, only slower and uh, slimier
  • Flight — Yes. Imagine a shooting star…the size of a U-Haul truck
  • Mind control — Wasn’t kidding about that cloning thing
  • Energy Absorption – Like a sponge and then spits it right back out at you
  • Invulnerability — Military powers are no match. Heat vision may suck too.
  • Terraforming – Suck it, Ant-Man
  • Decelerated Aging – DC says the Hatorei can “reach millions of years.”
  • Color Alteration – Karma, karma, karma chameleon…

So, where did all this presumption originate? A split-second note in a segment of the behind-the-scenes footage that looked like this:

Source: DC FanDome/The Suicide Squad BTS footage

Look carefully past his hand to the military guy on the ground. He’s dead or wounded, but that’ll pass. See the blue and purple or pink tentacles on this face? Now look up at that image of the Justice League of America all cloned out…

Most likely, that was an accident and that is Starro the Conqueror and his mighty minions. Or, was it an accident? James Gunn knows how to get people talking and he never underestimates his audience. Maybe that was on purpose and we’re all geeking out for a reason.

But a giant, malicious starfish?! Yeah, and with James Gunn at the helm, it’s going to be dope. And how can I be so sure? Ever seen James Gunn deal with a strange creature? Like a demigorgon hooked up with a Venus Fly Trap in the back seat of a Ford Fiesta?

Sure you have. Now, rest easy and enjoy (what we believe) is Starro!

James Gunn knows how to deal with mystical creatures like Starro.
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.; Source: Marvel Studios/The Walt Disney Co.

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