Hallelujah! Let’s Break Down The Snyder Cut Trailer

Hallelujah! Let’s Break Down The Snyder Cut Trailer

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Indeed.

If there’s ever been a time for that phrase–it’s now! The trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, known lovingly as The Snyder Cut, is finally here and WOW, there’s so much to unpack.

Almost every shot we saw in The Snyder Cut trailer did not appear in the theatrical cut of Justice League. And if it did, it was most certainly changed in some way by Warner Bros. and Joss Whedon. Zack made sure to set expectations right out the gate with The Snyder Cut that this is not going to be the same movie we saw in theaters.

So buckle up and get ready: We’re breaking down the most important moments from the Snyder Cut trailer.

Same Movie? Not at All!

We get our first official peek at Uxas before he becomes Darkseid in The Snyder Cut trailer.

Hours before the trailer officially released, The Snyder Cut preview was leaked online. Many people commented on it, but there was one critic who’s tweet went viral … after Zack tore him apart for his criticisms.

Yikes! Scott’s main criticism here is that The Snyder Cut looked like the same as Justice League, but with mainly alternate takes and some additional scenes here and there. While I’m not sure if the leaked trailer he saw was legitimate or not, what I do know is this: What we saw during DC FanDome looks nothing like the theatrical cut.

Sure, there are some scenes I recognize and the story seems generally the same–stop Steppenwolf from getting the Mother Boxes and resurrect Superman. Upon further review, there is so much more there.

For starters, Darkseid and Desaad (pictured) are in this trailer.

The “knightmare” scene from Batman v Superman seems to be coming to fruition. The Snyder Cut revealed more in-depth character introductions.

We even saw additional details about the Mother Boxes. There was so much more emotion. Flash going back in time!? Black-suit Superman.

What’s going on in this movie!?

Literally, clocking in at double the theatrical cut’s run time, The Snyder Cut is sure to feel like an entirely different film despite “a few similarities.”


At first it seemed like an odd choice. Zack Snyder was once again using Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” over his work (first was in 2009 with Watchmen), and for Justice League? Yes! And it was beautiful.

The song is symbolic of many aspects we saw in The Snyder Cut trailer and the greater movie as a whole.

For one, fans have fought tooth-and-nail for this to release for three years now. But after billboards in Times Square and hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for suicide prevention charities, it’s finally here. If nothing else, it feels like a victory lap for everyone involved.

Hallelujah! The Snyder Cut is finally happening.

But that’s not all. The song holds a much deeper meaning in this context (grab the tissues because this one’s a bit of a kicker). This whole mess started back when Zack Snyder stepped down from Justice League when his daughter, Autumn, tragically committed suicide.

Autumn loved Cohen’s version of “Hallelujah”. They even played it at her funeral. Zack is dedicating this movie (well, now a miniseries) to her. Playing this song in the trailer is truly touching. For Zack, this is about much more than just releasing a movie.

Nightmare Scene and Time Travel

The Flash will have a larger role in The Snyder Cut because of what is to come.

What seems to be the biggest change from the theatrical cut is the fact that we might actually see the “Knightmare” scene from Batman v Superman come to fruition. But will it actually happen? Will it just be another vision? We don’t know, but the answer may lie with the Flash.

“Because you know he’s a quantum character, he interacts with time and space, so you might see him do something that is… timely.”

Zack Snyder, DC FanDome

Timely indeed.

If I had to guess, that’s exactly what’s happening in the scene above. Where he’s travelling to and from, I don’t know. I haven’t seen everything Zack has revealed over the years. But considering we see the “Knightmare” sequence, and the fact that The Snyder Cut is four hours long, I have a theory…

For a good chunk of #TheSnyderCut, I bet we’ll see our heroes fail, and probably die when Steppenwolf succeeds and (maybe) #Darkseid comes. That’s probably where Desaad comes into play too. Just look behind him. My opinion.

So when –or, if– they fail, Flash would go back in time and reset the events so they get a second chance at success. It doesn’t seem far-fetched at all. That’s all just speculation at this point.

No matter what happens, I think fans are just excited to finally see the movie they’ve been clamoring for after what will be four years of hard work. Hallelujah!

What was your favorite moment from the trailer? I know it could be hard to choose, so take your time and tweet us your picks @moviesmatrix. We’d love to here them.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League premieres exclusively on HBO Max in 2021.

All Images Courtesy: Warner Bros./DC Comics/Atlas Entertainment/The Stone Quarry

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