The Comic Colosseum | Mereoleona vs. Charon

The Comic Colosseum | Mereoleona vs. Charon

Welcome to The Comic Colosseum, where gladiators, titans, demigods, and the mightiest of Earth’s warriors come face-to-face in a fictitious fight in the historic Flavian Amphitheater. Here, in this hallowed hall of Herculean heroes (and some villains), will position your favorite comic book and anime characters to go head-to-head against each other to see who is the strongest!

In each battle, we will list what kind of gear they have to adorn and protect their physique, their special attributes that shine brightly in a dark battle to the death, the fight location and if there is “bloodlust” involved in the character’s motivations (i.e., if Superman were to have bloodlust against Lois Lane, he would go for the killing blow).

NOTE: This is a monthly clash of champions. Set your calendars and if you have thoughts on an ultimate character battle, let us know in comments or social media. Now, without further ado, let’s get ready for a geckaphile war in the Comic Colosseum!

New Rule: The Leveling Base will be on the Fandom Tiering System. Characters are only allowed to fight characters that are on the same tier level. Unless it is multiple characters versus One.

Red Corner: ‘The Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness’ (Mereoleona Vermillion)

Black Clover

“Nothing’s stronger than a determined woman.”

Black Clover, Manga chapter 109
mereleona kingfadedz manga

Back in 2017, Mereoleona Vermillion — otherwise known as The Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness — made her manga debut in ‘Black Clover’ Manga chapter 105 entitled, ‘Two New Stars.’

Created by the great mangaka Yūki Tabata. Mereoleona Vermillion was born in the Clover Kingdom as the first daughter of House Vermillion.

Mereoleona Vermillion is the first daughter of house Vermillion, blessed with a strong affinity of Mana. She has two younger brothers, Fuegleon Vermillion, who is the Captain of the Crimson Lion, and Leopold Vermillion, who is also apart of the Crimson Lion, and rival to Asta. Mereoleona temporarily took over the role of Captain of the Crimson Lion when her brother, Fuegleon Vermillion during the Royal Knights Arc, Mereoleona was appointed Captain to ambush the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s base.

Even though Mereoleona Vermillion was raised as a noblewoman, she dislikes the kingdom. She refused to be Captain of the Crimson Lion initially which is why her younger brother, Fuegleon Vermillion, eventuallybecame Captain. After declining that mantle, Mereoleona Vermillion decided to spend most of her time outside the capital training in the wilderness, fighting animals, and train where ever there is a potent source of mana.


Tier Level: 6-B (Country Level)

  • Fire-Base Magic
  • Mana Zone
  • Fire-Base Magic Expert Hand to Hand Combat
  • Reinforcement Magic
  • Enhanced Mana Sensory
  • Immense Magic Power
  • Colossal Endurance
  • Tremendous Speed
  • Enhanced Mana Sensory
  • Immense Strength

Tools / Equipment

Three-Leaf Clover Grimoire

Prep Time / Bloodlust

No Prep Time / Mereoleona Vermillion is always Bloodlust when fighting

Blue Corner: ‘The Counter Man’ (Charon)

Fire Force

“You’re the first person to ever deal any damage to me.

Charon to Shinra Kusakabe, Fire Force Episode 25

Back in May 17, 2017, Charon — otherwise known as ‘The Counter Man’ — made his manga debut in ‘Fire Force’ Manga chapter 79, titled, ‘Before the Fight to the Death.’ Created by the mangaka Atsushi Ōkubo. Charon is a loyal member to theWhite Clad’ Group, devoted to the Evangelist, and guardian to the second pillar, Haumea.

When it comes to Haumea, Charon treats her like a daughter especially since he has been with Haumea since she was a child. Charon does not only want to protect Haumea, but the other pillars (Shinra and Shō) as well. These selfless acts irritate the other guardians.

When it comes to Charon’s fighting style, he tends to be overconfident. Such a trait would usually hinder others but when it comes to Charon, it actually gives him an advantage. That is because of is cunningness. When we first see him fight, he is smart enough to hide what kind of generation he is so his opponent can underestimate him.


Tier Level: High 7-C Large Mountain Level to Low 6-B (Small Country Level)

  • Second Generation Fire Manipulation
  • Attack Reflection
  • Expert in hand-to-hand combat
  • Absorb and Accumulate Kinetic Energy
  • Immense Endurance
  • Massive Speed
  • Enormous Strength

Weakness: Charon can not absorb and release energy at the same time. Depending on the timing, he is left open for counter-attacks.


No Tools or Equipment


No Prep Time / Charon never holds back, Yes to Bloodlust!


  • Morals and Bloodlust are their base character traits unless stated that they have Bloodlust.
  • No leaving the battle location. (If it is in the jungle, they can only move around in the wilderness. If they abandon or forced out, it is an automatic loss.)
  • Use feats as a reference only. Much like comic book writers do, use your imagination to decide who wins. (Plus, if you compare achievements and powers, where is the fun in that.)
  • If they can not turn into OP Form (aka. “overpowered”) consistently, then they can not use it in battle unless stated. This means you won’t see a “Superman Prime One-Million” in the Comic Colosseum or Wonder Woman flexing into “God mode,” unless provoked.
  • The Battle will be held on Olympus Mons
  • Both characters can breathe on Mars
  • No back up from any characters
  • Kill to win
  • The Battle Will Last Two Days


Mereoleona Vermillion and Charon are both powerhouse combantents with a tremendous amount of power, speed, and stamina. Mereoleona would have the advantage of strength, speed, and endurance because of her Mana Zone. For those not in the know, Mana Zone is an ability that helps the user predict opponent’s movements that strengthens their magic.

Even though Charon might have a disadvantage in those areas, he still has a high attack potency. If it came to a close-quarter-combat, Charon could give Mereoleona a run for her money.

Now people would be just in asking, would Mereoleona dare take that close-quarter-combat challenge? And I would say with Mereoleona’s personality she would.

The real question is who would be able to last the longest in close-quarters combat? Both opponents are so strong, they could destroy countries if they went all-out. Charon’s nickname is ‘The Counter Man” for a reason. Charon’s ability allows him to absorb and amass kinetic energy and transform that kinetic energy into thermal energy to attack. Meaning anything Mereoleona throws at him will be countered.

It’s a Vermillion Vcitory!

With that being said, Charon does have a pivotal weakness. He can not absorb and release energy at once.

Meaning, Charon is vulnerable between the time he absorbs attacks and unleashes them. If the battle lasts long enough, Mereoleona will figure it out.

I am giving this battle to ‘The Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness‘ Mereoleona Vermillion. She has Charon beat in terms of raw overall skills. And despite The Counter Man‘s powerful abilities, Mereoleona would be able to exploit his greatest weakness.


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