Fair Game | There is Still Hope to Pre-Order an Amazing PlayStation 5

Fair Game | There is Still Hope to Pre-Order an Amazing PlayStation 5

Did pre-orders sell out before you got a chance to get a PlayStation 5? You’re not alone.

After multiple reassurances that pre-orders wouldn’t go live at a moment’s notice, guess what happened… exactly that. Right after PlayStation’s Wednesday showcase on September 16, Sony announced that pre-orders would go live the next day.

Only Walmart stepped all over that plan and completely up-ended everything.

That’s when the chaos ensued. Almost every retailer took their lead and all of the PlayStation 5 consoles sold out instantly. Walmart literally sold out within two minutes.

And just like that, many, many people were left without the new PlayStation 5, making them wonder if they will ever be able to get their hands on one. Well, turns out they may be in luck.

More Consoles are Coming

The new PlayStation 5 is already tech's hottest commodity. Did you get one?
Image via: Sony

Good news, gamers! This was only the first wave of pre-orders. While we don’t know how many waves there’ll be or how many PlayStation 5 consoles will be included, there is still hope.

And this time, Sony isn’t waiting for Walmart to jump the gun.

It’s nice for them to admit that pre-orders could’ve been better, which they obviously could’ve been. Yet, with no information on restocking, how will fans be able to pre-order one? Leaving that information for the retailers to release didn’t work out well the first time. Consoles sold out before pre-order notifications even went out.

Your best bet is to keep an ear on the rumor mill (like following us @eGamingMatrix) and keep checking retailers. It’s not the most fun, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Finally Buying the PlayStation 5

Fans waiting in line for the PlayStation 4 on launch day | Credit: Ray Tang/Shutterstock

Getting the console shipped is turning out to be a very risky move. Amazon has already released a statement letting customers know their console may not arrive on release day due to “extremely high demand.” Whether it will come within that same week, or even the following weeks, is unknown at the moment.

Either way, you should probably steer clear of Amazon if you want a PlayStation 5 around release. Unless, that is your last resort, so make sure to use Prime for free and faster shipping. The best option is to pre-order for in-store pickup.

While not as convenient as the console being shipped to your house, it only costs one drive to get the console on release day. Just don’t forget your masks!

Best Buy, Gamestop, and Walmart all had in-store pickup options available when the first wave of pre-orders went live. It would also be worth checking Target, because while they didn’t have that option before, it said it would be available soon.

We don’t know when more consoles will be on sale, but we do know that it will happen imminently. So, keep your wallet on standby and your eyes on those sites. And if you still can’t manage to get a pre-order for PlayStation 5, your last option would be going to the stores on early on release day and hoping they’re still in stock.

(And good luck with all that.)

Retailer PlayStation 5 Pages

Image via: Sony

Checking retailers can be a pain. Going from site to site, continuously refreshing pages, stressing out wondering if you forgot any. That’s why we’re making it easy.

Below I’ve attached links to all of the PlayStation 5 pages on all of the major retailer’s websites. All you need to do is click on the links and check if it’s available. It’s that easy. And as an added bonus, you can turn on tweet notifications for @eGamingMatrix on Twitter for the latest news surrounding the PlayStation 5.


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