It’s Time for the Greatest Movie Draft Ever: Horror Movies

It’s Time for the Greatest Movie Draft Ever: Horror Movies

Attention all Horror fans!

In the best Ghostface voice, I have a question for you. “What’s your favorite scary movie?” Can you create your top five horror movies of all time? We are!

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means it is time to deep dive into all the horror flicks that make your spine tingle and keep you up at night.

Mark Your Calendars for Horror, Oct. 10-11

October is here. And so is horror.

On October 10 and 11 at 8pm EDT, MoviesMatrix and Geekly Goods will be combining forces to bring you a horror movie draft of terrifying proportions! The draft will consist of 20 teams — each to select their favorite five horror films in the draft.

That’s a world to choose from, so we already got our big boards ready.

Each team will be entered into a single-elimination tournament where the winners will be selected and voted on Twitter by you. The champion of the tournament will be crowned with the ultimate form of respect as the Horror Cinephile Grand Champion!

Previous Draft Champions Include…

  • Animated Movie Draft: Chad (@Wick014)
  • Comic Book Movie Draft: Amanda (@amxndareviews)
  • Sports Movie Draft: Jason (@JBlevins)
  • Comedy Movie Draft: Deibs (@mrcrockpot)
  • Greatest DC Comics Film/TV Series Draft: Deibs (@mrcrockpot)

Please be sure to follow @MoviesMatrix and @GeeklyGoods for more information on voting and please be sure to subscribe to MoviesMatrix and Geekly Goods on YouTube to stay up to date on the horror movie draft!


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