Huluween is Back to “Drive in” the Hell Out of Bingers (and People in LA)

Huluween is Back to “Drive in” the Hell Out of Bingers (and People in LA)

For the third year, Hulu is bringing back one of its all-time streaming bonanzas — Huluween. And this All Hallows Eve festival promises to be even as scarier as they are counting on audience participation.

How? In the face of COVID-19 and since we’re already wearing masks, does it make sense? Hulu is featuring a line of horror classics and even some of their own original spooky content. There’s even a new game for all Hulu fans — all of whom, according to Hulu, watched “more than six billion minutes of content last October” for Huluween.

However, if you’re in Los Angeles, it could mean a literal hellacious event as the green streamer is inviting fans and fiends alike to the “first-ever Huluween Drive-in — an immersive experience unlike any other.”

Huluween Haunts and Pops in So-Cal

Huluween will haunt a pop-up drive-in in Los Angeles for October 31
Rendering by Hulu

It would be cool if Hulu rolls this out in more national markets, but for its beta test, SoCal fans will be welcomed to the “Screamlands.”

The streamer issued a press release sharing the diabolical details about a drive-in theater event that will feature “an immersive haunted drive-through, the L.A. premiere of Bad Hair, and (s)care packages for all attendees over the course of four nights.”

The event, from October 22-25 at the LA Equestrian Center, will feature:

  • Hocus Pocus
  • Beetlejuice
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • Carrie (1976)
  • And Hulu’s original Books of Blood

Plus, the Screamlands:

All Huluween fans are invited to visit The Screamlands, Hulu’s first-ever online haunted immersive experience. Beginning Thursday, October 8, visitors 18 years and older can travel through the immersive, 360-degree online experience that features five scream-inducing rooms like “Bad Hair Hellway” and “Huluween Hall” which include spooky surprises behind every turn. 

Hulu Press Release, Oct 2020

And SCARES for the rest of us

One thing Hulu understands is its audience — the entire family. We all want a piece of the spooks during Huluween and the green machine spares no efforts to ensure everyone gets the creeps.

Hulu plans on featuring not only more original horror content, but also 30 bone-chilling Bite Size Halloween short films:

The series of short genre films – from horror comedy to psychological thrillers – provides a platform for emerging filmmakers at 20th Digital Studio. Hulu will also feature a myriad of library content highlighting all of the Halloween episodes and films on the service. 

Hulu Press Release, OCt 2020

Among the many horror classics Hulu has already uploaded are from

  • TV (i.e., American Horror Story (FX), The Purge (USA), and In The Flesh (BBC)
  • Movies (i.e., The Lodge, The Wretched, Jessabelle, and The Omen)
  • And even its previous horror “Into the Dark” catalog that are not bad at all (i.e., Nasty Piece of Work, Delivered, and Down)

Adding to that collection will be the Hulu original bandwagon with a few others that should be in your DVR set to record:

  • Books of Blood on October 7, which takes inspiration from Clive Barker’s acclaimed and influential series about a journey into uncharted and forbidden territory. 
  • On October 16, Marvel brings us the first season of horror with Helstrom. The series brings the Marvel comics to life and follows the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer as they track down the worst of humanity.
  • And the anticipated horror satire film out of Sundance, Bad Hair, which debuts October 23. Set in 1989, the movie follows an ambitious young woman (Elle Lorraine) who discovers that her hair may have a mind of its own.

The content is coming. Huluween is here!


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