The 10 Best Moments from The Mandalorian, Season One

The 10 Best Moments from The Mandalorian, Season One

Following the amazing buzz from The Mandalorian, Season One, are you ready for Season Two? That was clearly a rhetorical question because of course you are! The new season begins on Disney Plus October 30. And safe to say: Expectations couldn’t be higher.

There are tons of reasons to be excited. But before we go forward, let’s take a step back and get a glass of wine (or whatever adult beverage you prefer), relax, and get ready to reminisce.

Let’s look at the Top 10 moments of The Mandalorian, Season One:

10. The Mandalorian Revisits the Cantina

The Mandalorian was enough reason to justify having Disney+. Now, we have Season 2 coming.

Chapter Five: “The Gunslinger”

Watching Mando and Baby Yoda seek refuge on Mos Eisley, the same cantina in Episode IV: A New Hope that introduced us to Han Solo, was pure bliss. The Mandalorian had its fair share of nostalgic moments in season one but revisiting the old saloon where it all began made this scene one of the most memorable moments of season one.

How The Mandalorian handles the fan-fair is both subtle and terrific. The new trilogy tried shoving it down our throats. This was exhibit A of how to showcase nostalgia with class and grace.

9: Riding Off Into the Sunset

Chapter Four: “Sanctuary”

The Mandalorian showed its true strength in Chapter Four. Star Wars is a space western, a subgenre of science fiction that uses themes and tropes of Westerns within science fiction stories. There have been numerous scenes throughout The Mandalorian that has shown this but none more so than the last scene of Chapter Four.

Watching Mando and Baby Yoda ride off into the sunset beautifully showcased it’s Space Western themes. Mando and Baby Yoda save a troubled town being torn apart by bandits. After rescuing and saving the village, Mando and Baby Yoda get on their horse…eh, speeder and the leave the village in style.

8: “I Have Spoken”

Chapter Two: “The Child”

For me, Kuiil was not only one of the main highlights of this episode but also for the series. The “I have spoken” quote provided some of the most memorable moments of Season One. In Chapter Two, Kuiil decides to repair Mando’s ship. What does he ask for in return? Nothing other than a simple “thank you” for returning peace to his valley.

This is a bounty hunter who lives mission-to-mission and check-to-check. Yet, Kuiil’s generosity and friendship will surely have a major impact on Mando moving forward into Season Two.

7: Baby Yoda vs. Mudhorn

Chapter Two: “The Child”

While on his final leg during battle, Baby Yoda uses a Force Lift on a mudhorn to protect our beloved Mando. As the mudhorn drops to the ground, Mando stabs the beast with his knife and survives. Exhausted from The Force, Baby Yoda falls asleep. This was a jaw-dropping moment that cemented Baby Yoda an instant sensation across social media and television in general.

6: Mando Goes Full Predator

Chapter Six: “The Prisoner”

The tonal shift during the last act of Chapter Six was excellent. The episode quickly turned into a game of cat and mouse, eerily similar to something we’ve seen before from another classic ’90s action flick. After escaping the prison cell, Mando picks off each team member one by one that would surely make The Predator proud. The moments of Mando fighting in the dark were extremely memorable and provided some of the best action scenes in season one.

5: IG-11’s Sacrifice

Chapter Eight: “Redemption”

One of the most epic moments from Season One came after IG-11 take off Mando’s helmet, heals him and returning him to safety. From the very first episode, it is revealed that Mando has a deep and profound hatred towards droids. The realization that IG-11 knew more about Mando than anyone else in the galaxy was a beautiful sentiment in Chapter Eight.

For a while, I was hoping IG-11 would eventually become a part of the Razor Crest crew in a set up for season two. For Mando’s character arc, it made a ton of sense. Personally, it was a tragic and emotional farewell for one of my favorite characters in season one.

4: Mando the Badass

Chapter 3: “The Sin”

This chapter had it all, including “League of Shadows” style of action scenes and some truly impressive kills where Mando show off some of his most elite stealth skills. My top moment had to be Mando pulling the stormtrooper to him with his grappling hook and finishing him off with a sword through the back. Amazing. Another unforgettable moment was the “whistling birds” feature from his armor that did quick work of four stormtroopers that had Mando surrounded.

Chapter Three established Mando not only as one of the deadliest killers in the galaxy, but also as the John Wick of Star Wars-verse.

3: Mando vs. Tie-Fighter

Chapter Eight: “Redemption”

The Mandalorian finale gave us the best Mando moment of the season. In one of the last scenes, Mando takes down Moff Gideon’s tie fighter. The cinematography of this scene was fantastic as we see the tie fighter go down with Mando landing safely on the ground with his brand new jetpack that he received from The Armorer.

It was a reminder how far his character has come, ever since Mando’s quote “I have to get one of those” early in season one.

2: The Darksaber

Chapter Eight: “Redemption”

The reveal of the Darksaber helping Gideon Moff to safety raised a ton of questions for the series moving forward. This single moment immediately signaled the introduction of a live action Sabine Wren, which we saw in the newest trailer for Season Two.

After training with Jedi Kanan Jarus, Sabine Wren obtains the Darksaber and returns it to her home world to signal the unification of her people on Mandalore. In later episodes, Sabine gives the Darksaber to Bo-Katan, a warrior who Sabine sees as the true leader of the Mandalorian people.

How does the Moff Gideon obtain the Darksaber from Bo-Katan? Fingers crossed this becomes a major focal point of season two of The Mandalorian.

1: The Reveal

Chapter One: “The Mandalorian”

The reveal at the end of Chapter One hit in all the right areas. For 40 minutes, we were exposed to Mando as this stoic, emotionless character that was shown to be deserted as a child. He is an orphan brought into a violet culture and trained into a ruthless killer. The last scene of the Chapter One sees Mando reconnecting with his childhood as he reaches for Baby Yoda.

This was such a heart-filled moment that set the tone for an incredible season one of The Mandalorian.

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