What’s the Better Deal? Xbox Game Pass vs PlayStation Plus Collection

What’s the Better Deal? Xbox Game Pass vs PlayStation Plus Collection

On September 16, Sony announced its PlayStation Plus Collection. The announcement shares a collection of highly praised PlayStation 4 exclusives that you get for free on PlayStation 5 with PlayStation Plus. The news allows Sony to catch up to Xbox, which has been building up their “Netflix-for-games” service, Xbox Game Pass for the past three years.

It’s become an incredible deal where subscribers have access to a plethora of amazing games big and small, exclusive or not. Because of this, it’s pitting itself right up against Xbox Game Pass which has become Xbox’s main selling point.

So, which of these is the better deal? Xbox Game Pass finally has a rival and competition is about to get hot.

Their One Major Difference

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Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Collection both share a lot of similarities, but they really aren’t super similar. That’s because Xbox Game Pass is an expanding and ever-changing library, while PlayStation Plus Collection could be very limited.

With Game Pass, you get access to over a hundred third party and first party titles with more being added each month. PlayStation Plus, as of now, seems limited to certain PlayStation 4 exclusives, but only with a PlayStation 5.

All of this could change, but this is what it’s looking like as of right now. That’s going to make it hard for PlayStation Plus Collection to compete against Game Pass whose library’s worth grew exponentially with their acquisition of Bethesda.

Going forward, PlayStation could catch up. Xbox Game Pass wasn’t very expansive at launch either. But they’ve focused on building it up to the point where it’s now their main feature this next generation. PlayStation still has time to get there. As of now in late 2020, Game Pass is more well-rounded and well-defined.

Best Bang For Your Buck

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We can’t go forward without discussing pricing, because Xbox Game Pass is literally three times more expensive than PlayStation Plus.

That’s right, Game Pass Ultimate is $15 a month ($180 per year), while PlayStation Plus is $10 a month, but only $60 for a year. Both have enough games to be worth each of their price points, but which is the better deal? It’s easily Game Pass.

For $180, Game Pass has a lot more than just games. It also comes with Xbox Live Gold which allows you to play multiplayer, as well as access to Game Pass games both on PC and Android devices. No matter where you play games, Game Pass Ultimate is there for you.

On the games side, Game Pass has over a hundred games, many of which are major titles like Destiny 2 and all of its expansions, “Minecraft Dungeons“, “The Outer Worlds”, “Halo”, soon to be Bethesda titles, EA Play titles, and so much more. Not only is the library incredibly impressive, but you’ll get access to future exclusives, including Bethesda games, on day one with no extra cost.

PlayStation Plus Collection, while a great deal for PlayStation players who haven’t played previous exclusives, simply cannot beat that.

A Coming War?

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Xbox Game Pass is the clear winner when you pit it up against its apparent rival, PlayStation Plus Collection, but it’s only the beginning.

It’s unclear whether PlayStation will continue to expand its library to truly compete against Game Pass. I find it hard to believe that they’ll deliver their exclusives straight to the service, but only time will tell. If anybody knows how to compete against Xbox, it’s PlayStation.

The Bethesda deal rocked the gaming industry and skyrocketed Xbox to be an even bigger contender than they already were. With all of these amazing games coming to a streaming service for $15 a month, PlayStation has to counter that… right?

PlayStation Plus Collection isn’t the Game Pass contender it needs to be at the moment, but that isn’t to say it can’t become that. The more we learn about the next generation of gaming, the more certain it seems that the future of the console war (whether you like it or not) won’t be fought in hardware, but rather in streaming.


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