Alan Moore: “Adam West is the Batman GOAT”

Alan Moore: “Adam West is the Batman GOAT”

Graphic novel legend and father of the Watchmen Alan Moore has never been known to keep his opinions to himself. Consider all the sociopolitical musings woven throughout his works, particularly Watchmen. Dude has hot takes about anything.

So, when Alan Moore decides he has a pick for the best Batman ever, we’re all going to listen. Then, he drops the bomb that sent shockwaves throughout DC Nation–Adam West!

Wait, what?!

Alan Moore Hates on … Himself

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In a Deadline exclusive, Alan Moore, who is the certifiable king of graphic novels (including V for Vendetta, From Hell, Swamp Thing, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), starts by hating on his own work. A seminal work that many consider his best, “Batman: The Killing Joke.”

And, as it turns out, the prolific pen is fairly judgmental there.

I’ve been told the Joker film wouldn’t exist without my Joker story (1988’s Batman: The Killing Joke), but three months after I’d written that I was disowning it, it was far too violent – it was Batman for christ’s [sic] sake, it’s a guy dressed as a bat.

Alan Moore, Deadline, October 2020

Alan Moore disowned that?! If my fellow geckaphiles on Twitter or inside the MoviesMatrix talked trash about that graphic novel, that’s a discussion that would end in cussing about someone’s mother. Then, Alan Moore says it? Um, what are we missing?

Apparently, the greatness of the OG Batman.

But He Loves Him Some 1966 Batman

Alan Moore thinks Adam West is the Batman GOAT.
Source: William Dozier Productions/20th Century Fox TV

Then he says this…

Increasingly I think the best version of Batman was Adam West, which didn’t take it at all seriously.

Alan Moore, Deadline, October 2020

These days, just about everyone is pissing and moaning about Batfleck because of Zack Snyder, his butt chin, or he actually killed without shame. They believe Snyder’s crowning made Ben Affleck the man. Then, there’s Christian Bale or Michael Keaton fans. And, if you ask one of our trusted authors, you’re a fool if you forget Kevin Conroy.

Few DC Comics fans would agree with Alan Moore about Adam West as the GOAT. But, again comic fans, this is Alan Moore. Surely, his stunning reveal of GOAT status should carry some weight, right? He’s a genius. A savant. And… wait, what?!

DEADLINE: Do you watch no superhero movies at all? What about something a bit offbeat, like Joker? You wrote a key Batman comic book…

MOORE: Oh christ [sic] no I don’t watch any of them. All of these characters have been stolen from their original creators, all of them. They have a long line of ghosts standing behind them. In the case of Marvel films, Jack Kirby [the Marvel artist and writer]. I have no interest in superheroes, they were a thing that was invented in the late 1930s for children, and they are perfectly good as children’s entertainment. But if you try to make them for the adult world then I think it becomes kind of grotesque.

No interest? In superheroes? Like, at all?! Welp. Then again, Moore is 66 going on 94. Let’s call him a cantankerous old fart and move on, shall we?


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