Fair Game | There’s a Major Update Within the Minecraft Caves

Fair Game | There’s a Major Update Within the Minecraft Caves

It’s real, folks!

The Minecraft caves update is actually happening after years of memes and wishes from the Minecraft community. Literally, Mojang is improving every aspect of the caving experience.

It’s officially titled “The Caves and Cliffs update.”

That’s odd because we don’t know anything about how cliffs are being updated other than adding goats. I’m sure it’s going to be great, but let’s be honest: Everybody cares more about the caves.

So what’s new? Turns out a lot. Just wait until you see what’s in store.

While this Minecraft update sadly isn’t going to drop in time to single-handedly save 2020 from the dumpster fire explosion it is, there’s much to anticipate in Summer 2021.

Discover Lost Relics In Minecraft Caves

Image Via: Mojang

Move over diamond and gold because there’s a new ore in town: copper. This block isn’t like any of the other ores. Just like in real-life, copper in Minecraft caves and elsewhere will go through its oxidation process overtime, slowly turning green as you can see in the picture above.

It can also be used to craft a telescope, which allows you to look further. So does lightning rods to protect your wooden homes from going up in flames due to lightning.

The other feature coming to the game is archaeology.

You can craft a brush that sweeps away gravel and sand to find potential diamond, gold, and other secret items. I can see this being similar to fishing, where there’s potential for some random item each time, but we don’t know for sure.

This is the first time we’ve gotten a new way to mine in a long time. That itself is exciting, but not as exciting as what else was announced.

Cave Biomes Are Coming

Image via: Mojang

We are getting unique biomes beneath the surface for the first time ever inside these secret Minecraft caves.

For the longest time, caves were just caves. Just tunnels in rock that either leads to ravines or open areas of stone, water, and lava. Now, thanks to Mojang and Minecrafters everywhere, caves are never going to look the same.

We were told of four biomes: lush caves, dripstone caves, crystal geodes (which we don’t know too much about), and the deep dark (more on this one later).

Lush caves are exactly as they sound. Parts of certain caves will be full of grass, vines, water, and other new vegetation. Among the new plants are glow berries which are luminous fruit that can only be found in these caves.

In my opinion, lush caves don’t seem to be too interesting, useful, or even that good-looking. But hey, it’s something new to explore.

Dripstone caves put realism center stage. Stalagmites/stalactites (the pointy things) are everywhere in these caves and even hurt you if you fall on them.

We don’t know for sure if these blocks bring any new crafting recipes with them, but either way, they’re sure to make your cave adventures all the more epic.

Normal cave biomes are also receiving a remodel as Mojang has drastically improved the cave generator. Now, there will be a lot more variability between the narrow tunnels of rock, underground lakes, vast open caverns, and more.

The Deep Dark

Image via: Mojang

Hidden deep underground in these mysterious Minecraft caves is the Deep Dark, a brand new and peculiar biome. Mojang is purposefully remaining very tight-lipped about this biome, however, there are two things we do know about it.

One is a brand new block, Sculk sensors, is unlike anything we’ve seen. This block will detect vibrations (i.e., footsteps, block placement, mining) within a certain radius and send off a redstone signal.

This will give redstone players something completely new to play around and get creative with. Since it pretty much allows for the use of “wireless” redstone, their contraptions are gonna be insanely cool, I guarantee it.

That same detection feature leads right into the new mob: the Warden. This is Minecraft’s first “horror”
mob. It is completely blind and only seeks out vibrations and sounds down in the deep dark. It gets even scarier when I tell you that it can easily kill you, even with full netherite armor (Minecraft’s strongest material)! Scared yet?

Their goal was to capture the fear and vulnerability from your first night in the game, and it’s safe to say that they did just that.

It’s hard to believe that this update is finally happening. This is a dream come true for a lot of players who’ve been asking for this update for literal years now. It sucks that we have to wait almost another year for it, but let’s just be glad it’s happening.

Make sure to check out the update when it becomes available wherever you play Minecraft in Summer 2021.


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