Let Godzilla Take You Into the Gruesome Belly of the Beast

Let Godzilla Take You Into the Gruesome Belly of the Beast

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to slip down the bumpy esophagus of Godzilla, King of the Monsters? Sure you have. Most monster geckaphiles do.

They watch anything from Kojira trampling on cardboard homes that are inches tall from a 5’6″ man in a lizard suit to seeing the beast incarnate come to life in his latest production pummeling King Ghidorah.

That’s our Godzilla and the King is always hungry. And before he swims his way to Skull Island in 2021 to throttle King Kong, you can get a close-up of his stomach…via zipline?!

Long Feed the King

No, really. Thanks to some bonafide nerds paying homage to one of Japan’s biggest-ever franchises, that is precisely what can happen. Just check out this first-person experience and ribbon-cutting ceremony.

There have been more than 65 Godzilla films since 1954, but probably the great radioactive lizard has never been more real than he is today. Japan has opened a Godzilla theme park, Nijigen no Mori, and its feature attraction is a 120-meter high (393 feet) statue of the King of Monsters.

See the floss coming from his mouth — that’s you on a 162-meter long (531 feet) zipline that will lead directly into, well…it’s in the headline…the “belly of the beast.” (Yes, I’m punny.)

Godzilla is even tweeting about his latest appearance and subsequent “meals”:

Godzilla in “Life Size”

Source: Toho, LTD

The Nijigen no Mori theme park looks pretty dope if this is your thing. There is a 152-meter course (right under 500 feet long) that visitors can traipse through finding all they ever needed about Kojira.

A themed-cafe. More than 100 “monstrous” figurines. And enough Godzilla swag to get you ready for the holidays. Or any day actually.

So, what exactly is “life-size” for Godzilla? No one really knows. Apparently not even Toho, the beast’s creators. Newsweek created how the Titan has grown over the years, and it’s fascinating.

Credit: Noger Chen / Toho Co., Ltd. / Legendary Entertainment

So, as you plan a journey to the land of the Rising Sun, consider something… Imagine what a Godzilla belch would sound like. Much less…smell like?! Guess park patrons will get that chance to find out.

Featured Image Credit: Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty

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