Disappointed by ‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer? Here’s Why You Should be Hyped

Disappointed by ‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer? Here’s Why You Should be Hyped

The Mandalorian trailer was finally on display for Season 2. Now, this is long-awaited second one that debuted during “Good Morning America.” Nice when Disney owns a television network. So, in case you haven’t seen yet, check it out first:

Now that you’ve seen The Mandalorian trailer, how did you feel? Unfortunately for Disney, many fans expressed their disappointment for the trailer, offering a collective “meh.”

Did you see The Mandalorian trailer when it first came to us a couple of months ago? That first trailer drew a similar reaction. What’s going on here? Is this bad marketing or is this season just turning out to be a bummer? I’d argue it’s none of the above.

First, this isn’t even titled a trailer. Technically, a “special look” represents a one-minute length at details. So, that could be a key factor but there’s one other thing…

Another Baby Yoda Moment

If you have seen The Mandalorian trailer, either of them, you know the disappointment fans are feeling. But why?
Source: Lucasfilm LTD./The Walt Disney Co.

Let’s be honest, the trailers for Season One weren’t that great either. All the hype created from The Mandalorian trailer for Season One was about it being the first big budget, live-action Star Wars TV series. The trailers didn’t get people into the show, something else did…

Baby Yoda.

It was one of the best-kept secrets in recent entertainment history. Baby Yoda undoubtedly made The Mandalorian as big as it is today. It took over the internet for at least a good month. Everywhere you looked, it was “Baby Yoda this” and “Baby Yoda that”.

It was Yoda! But…a baby!

The amount of free advertising Lucasfilm got from that reveal was incredible following The Mandalorian trailer and the big reveal of Season One. And there was no worry about fans losing interest because the show was available for everyone immediately.

My theory? The trailers so far haven’t been bad; they just haven’t shown off any of the cool stuff. Think about The Mandalorian trailer for Season Two. No Baby Yoda. No Darksaber sweetness.

And why would there be? It worked out for Disney and Lucasfilm tremendously last time.

What Could That ‘Big Moment’ Be?

Source: Lucasfilm LTD./The Walt Disney Co.

Many confirmations and rumors have floated by about this season, and I mean a lot. Potential spoilers follow… obviously.

Any one of these rumors could be the ‘big moment’ that is being hid from us, so it’s totally possible they’re hiding any one of these. It’s heavily rumored that Ahsoka Tano‘s and Boba Fett‘s activity in Season Two will be visible, if not crucial to the plot.

Source: Lucasfilm/The Walt Disney Co.

Ahsoka’s return was pretty much confirmed by Rosario Dawson herself, but it also makes a lot of sense. We know Ahsoka is not just around during that timeframe, but that she’s with Sabine, looking for Ezra. It’s totally possible.

With her, The Mandalorian could also bring the likes of Sabine Wren (also rumored) and Ezra Bridger (who’s not only rumored but already teased by Rahul Kohli who may play him). This season would mark all three of their first live-action appearances.

And, like the other examples of this theory, none have been seen in The Mandalorian trailer.

Boba Fett’s return also carries some weight as Temuera Morrison’s Agency possibly revealed it. Talk about a slip up. Morrison’s talent CV was updated to include the role of Boba Fett in “The Mandalorian S2”. That likely wasn’t a typo either, since Attack of the Clones is spelled very differently.

Fan’s also spotted a jetpack in the recent Mandalorian footage that looks a hell of a lot like Boba Fett’s. It’s hard to choose just one of these rumors we hope to be true, they’re all so good! If even one of these rumors are true, we are in for a hell of a ride.

Or, as Lando Calrissian would say, “you might want to buckle up, baby.”

Season 2 of The Mandalorian premieres this Friday, October 30, only on Disney+.


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