Only One: Benedict Cumberbatch Improvised That Scene in ‘Endgame’

Only One: Benedict Cumberbatch Improvised That Scene in ‘Endgame’

If you needed any proof that Benedict Cumberbatch is an actor supreme as well, look at his mantle. On it, you will find Emmy Awards (Sherlock), Critics Choice Awards (Sherlock, Frankenstein), a BAFTA Award (Patrick Melrose), and an Oscar nomination for The Imitation Game.

For geckaphiles, their vision is a little nearsighted in that they can only see his work as “Doctor Strange.” Well, they may be on to something as we discovered yesterday that Benedict Cumberbatch featured his acting chops in the most profitable movie ever, Avengers: Endgame.

No, not how he got the gang to see things properly. But that “only one” scene. You know the “one.” Yes, that “one.” (Do I need to write it down?)

That One Scene Was Made Up by Benedict Cumberbatch

See the pictures? You know the scene in Endgame that was a direct connection with the woeful news Doctor Strange gave the Avengers. How many possibilities did he see the Infinity War would end? 14,000,605.

How many scenarios favored the Avengers saving the universe from Thanos, the Mad Titan? Only one.

Ominous, but something the Avengers believed they could accomplish despite the odds. Well, as it turns out, the connection in the grand finale wasn’t a Doctor Strange move at all. According to Scott Derrickson, who was going to direct Benedict Cumberbatch in the Doctor Strange sequel, that majestic scene was an ad-lib:

Yeah, that is acting ability! Like, seriously?! Amid all the explosions, scripted lines, and CGI, Benedict Cumberbatch goes back to Avengers: Infinity War in his mind and says, “Wait. I have an idea!” More importantly and impressively, he did it without uttering a single word!

Who the hell is that guy? Buddha?! If you don’t recall, here’s the Vairocana now…

He is … Benedict Cumberbatch!


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