The Mandalorian Characters Power Rankings, Seasons 1 and 2

The Mandalorian Characters Power Rankings, Seasons 1 and 2

10. Kuill

Starting out a power rankings for the Mandalorian is Kuill
He has spoken.

Kuill’s death scene while fleeing scout troopers on Nevarro was brutal to watch. That alone earns him a spot on these power rankings. He was Din Djarin’s biggest ally in season one of The Mandalorian. Moving forward, that nod will surely go to Cara Dune in season two. Salute to my favorite vapor farmer. RIP brotha’.

Season Two Predictions: Kuill’s immense selflessness and generosity will undoubtedly have a profound impact on Din Djarin during season two. Judging from the season two trailer, Razor Crest will surely need more than a few repairs soon. Din Djarin finding a “new Kuill” is very likely.

9. IG-11

IG-11 should definitely be on The Mandalorian power rankings.
A gunslinger to make Wyatt Earp nervous

IG-11 had some of my favorite moments of season one. The dynamic between Din Djarin and IG-11 was incredible. In many respects, this droid understands more about our main man Mando than any other character in The Mandalorian. It’s only fitting considering the immense hatred Din Djarin had for droids throughout season one. RIP IG-11.

Season Two Predictions: IG-11’s sacrifice in season one will surely have a major impact on Din Djarinin in season two. You cannot have a Star Wars series without having a droid making a major impact on the main character. Due to IG-11’s heroics and power rankings position, I expect Mando to enlist a new droid as part of the Razor Crest crew. Big shoes to fill.

8. Greef Karga

I just want to see the magic hand thing again

Carl Weathers was fantastic as the leader of the Bounty Hunter Guild. Greef’s character arc switched from good guy to villain way too often, which may have influenced his spot in these power rankings. Regardless, his dynamic with Mando was impressive each time he was on screen.

Season Two Predictions: On one hand, I could see Greef Karga joining the crew on Razor Crest. On the other, I also expect his continued unpredictability to take center stage in season two. Greef’s interaction with Baby Yoda was brilliant. I hope to see more moving forward.

The Mandalorian is a Space Western, which means double crossings are in play. I expect to see more of that from Greef Karga. My gut feeling involves Greef Karga making the ultimate sacrifice for Din Djarin and The Child during the latter stages of season two.

7. The Armorer

Which way is it again?

The female Mandalorian, played by Emily Swallow, had a memorable first season. She forged Mando’s Beskar armor and made him the badass he is today. The Armorer was also source of wisdom and knowledge. She was a light of reason among the Mandalorian clans. The Armorer was cool, calm, and collected during multiple scenes when emotions among her people ran high. She is the definition of leader and why she deserves a place in these power rankings.

Season Two Predictions: We don’t know how much The Armorer will be involved in season two. However, her identity is one of the shows biggest mysteries. Could The Armorer be Bo Katan in hiding? For this huge fan of The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, nothing would be more exciting.

6. Cara Dune

Some of my favorite people are Bounty Hunters…and that little child

Cara Dune was one of the standout side characters in season one. From the trailer, she returns for a larger role in season two of The Mandalorian. Her character arc is one of revenge against the Imperial Army. It seems highly likely that we’ll see one of Cara or The Armorer take on Moff Gideon head on. Like Kuill’s arc in season one, I think Cara Dune’s kindness and generosity will be deeply felt by Mando in season two.

Season Two Predictions: All signs point to Gina Carano’s Cara Dune being the first to join Razor Crest as a member of Din Djarin’s crew. I’ve made several points in previous articles claiming The Mandalorian as Western RPG (i.e., Skyrim). I see Cara Dune being the muscle of Mando’s crew and having significantly more screen time in season two.

5. Moff Gideon

That decommissioned Mandalorian hunter. What a puss!

While it only lasted a couple of episodes, Moff Gideon set himself up as a beautiful villain for season two, which is why this is an elevated position on these power rankings. Now there is an overarching villain, it will be interesting to see how the structure of season two changes.

Giancarlo Esposito proved to be a memorable and worthy foe in Breaking Bad. I don’t see any of that changing in season two of The Mandalorian. All signs point to increased connections tied between Star Wars: Rebels, The Clone Wars, and The Mandalorian in season two.

Season Two Predictions: Between Gideon’s history during the Great Purge, the Sabine Wren reveal in the trailer, and the upcoming live action debut of Ahsoka Tano, I fully expect Moff’s character to be further fleshed out during season two. This certainly does not bode well for Bo Katan, who possessed the darksaber prior to Moff Gideon. A flashback fight scene between Moff Gideon and Bo Katan would be an incredibly exciting early season moment for season two of The Mandalorian.

4. Boba Fett

You can run but you’ll only die tired.

Rumors are swirling that Boba Fett is about to make his much-anticipated return in season two of The Mandalorian. The trailer didn’t hint at much but what do we know? Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones is set to appear in season two. Boba Fett was teased during season one’s “The Gunslinger” while standing over the dead body of Fennec Shand.

Season Two Predictions: This one is difficult. I can’t imagine a large role for Boba Fett in season two. If anything, it’ll most likely be a cameo at best.

3. Din Djarin

The Mandalorian power rankings from seasons one and two
I’m Dad inside. Dead…I meant “dead”

Din Djarin — Mando himself — was cemented as the “John Wick of bounty hunters” in the Star Wars universe. Much of season one revolved around the flashbacks of our main hero. that won’t happen anytime soon. We saw Mando’s parents killed by separatist battle droids during a sequence of flashbacks during season one. I expect fans will be introduced to Din Djarin’s parents at some point in season two.

Season Two Predictions: Din Djarin’s connection and loyalty to the Bounty Hunters’ guild will be tested. I expect Mando will need to choose between fatherhood and his duty to follow the creed of the Mandalorians during the latter stages of season two. Another theme of The Mandalorian during season one was family. Judging by the amazing trailer, I expect Razor Crest will have a much bigger crew during the preliminary stages of season two.

2. Ahsoka Tano

Keep your leaders honest and keep them accountable if they’re not.

There are no words to express the level of excitement for Ahsoka Tano’s live action debut. If you need further proof, click here for my five reasons why she is the greatest Star Wars character of all time. All signs point to a showdown between Ahsoka Tano and Moff Gideon during the latter parts of season two.

Similar to Din Djarin and the themes of fatherhood presented during season one, the core of Ahsoka’s character is she is a protector. I expect Ahsoka to have a heroic moment protecting Din and Baby Yoda during a desperate situation vs imperial forces in season two.

Season Two Predictions: How much screen time will Ahsoka Tano have in season two? While the anticipation couldn’t be any higher, Ahsoka’s involvement will only involve a cameo. I expect Ahsoka’s reveal to go down during episode five of season two. This episode was written by the GOAT Dave Filoni, who we all know has deep and personal ties with Ahsoka’s character from The Clone Wars: I would be shocked if Ahsoka’s live action introduction isn’t directed by Dave Filoni.

1. Baby Yoda

Hey ladies.

Until Ahsoka Tano’s live-action debut is finally revealed, it would be impossible for any character in The Mandalorian to take the top spot away of these power rankings from The Child in these initial power rankings.

Baby Yoda broke the Internet during his reveal in the season one premiere. Baby Yoda and Din Djarin are the live-action version of Toothless and Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon. I expect the relationship between these two central characters to be truly tested in season two.

Season Two Predictions: The trailer made noticeably clear that the plot of season two will continue the themes of parenthood between Baby Yoda and Din Djarin. I expect a substantial chunk of season’s two action scenes to heavily revolve around Din and his amazing crew protecting The Child from Imperial forces. I expect the origin of Baby Yoda’s mysterious species to be further fleshed out towards the latter part of season two.

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