John Ridley is Going Old School Paranormal Inside Blumhouse

John Ridley is Going Old School Paranormal Inside Blumhouse

Horror is about to get high-brow as John Ridley has been announced as part of the Blumhouse team. Among that sacred, nefarious gaggle of horror misfits, Ridley is adapting the acclaimed article “Project Poltergeist.”

Known mostly as an Oscar-winning screenwriter for 12 Years a Slave, John Ridley has bonafide skills. The Medium article in his crosshairs is originally by Saleah Blancaflor.

When unexplained events terrify a young boy in 1960s New Jersey, the first purported haunting in a public housing project begins. Unearthed through original interviews and thousands of pages of archival records.

Preface: Project Poltergeist, May 2020

News is John Ridley will ply his craft at adapting the Medium article and directing it for Blumhouse. The inaugural “Blumfest” offered the screen adaption news, and then told the world about the teaser for Halloween Kills.

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A 1960s Poltergeist Gets the John Ridley Treatment

A Blumhouse horror about a 1960s poltergeist is getting John Ridley at the helm.
Credit: Rocco Ceselin/THR

John Ridley is drawn to stories that affect his community. It’s the source of his passion, position, and purpose inside Hollywood. Ridley’s diverse skills has been connected with American Crime, Jimi: All is By My Side, and BarberShop. His star went into supernova status following 12 Years a Slave. So, of course, Jason Blum pounced at the opportunity for this to happen.

Source: Medium/Truly Adventurous

The story details the first haunting ever experienced and reported in a public housing project. The adaptation is “based on true events” about a 1960s New Jersey boy named Ernie Rivers. (That’s him pictured from the Medium post).

Ridley’s fascination with this project makes the opportunity to adapt this screenplay stimulating for horror fans everywhere:

This is an incredible true-life narrative of a young man dealing with horrors – both paranormal and racially systemic – in a community that is scarred by hate, yet ultimately brought together by hope. I really appreciate Blumhouse’s commitment to telling stories that seek to entertain audiences even as it challenges them,

John Ridley, Blumhouse 2020

Naturally, Jason Blum will produce for Blumhouse, in association with Truly Adventurous.

“The best scary movies are always based on a real event, and we were very compelled by the material this story is based on. I also know that John Ridley is as good as you get as a dramatic storyteller, so we’re confident that infusing this story with John’s brand of drama is a great bet.”

Jason Blum, Blumhouse 2020

Gee? Blumhouse likes based on real events?! Surely that’s not a trend. (Oh man, this is going to be great!)

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