Review | “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead” is Alive and Well

Review | “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead” is Alive and Well

Boom Studios has created a new comic called We Only Find Them When They're Dead...and it's great.

Boom Studios has launched a new Sci-fi indie comic entitled “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead” with writer Al Ewing and Simone Di Meo creating the artwork. And, it’s too good to miss.

Al Ewing may sound like a familiar name, because he’s no stranger to Marvel Comics. He is most notably known for writing The Immortal Hulk, which was a nominee for an Eisner Award in 2019.

Simone Di Meo is the artist of the ongoing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He’s also done artwork for both Disney and Marvel previously. 

“We Only Find Them When They’re Dead” is intriguing and provides a promising start. The writing and the artwork snatches the reader’s attention instantly and has endless potential for this comic series. 

The Voyage

BOOM! Studios new comic "WE Only Find Them When They're Dead" is worth the journey.

As we open “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead,” we are in the year 2367. Alongside Captain Malik and his crew, we’re aboard their autopsy ship, Vahaan II. The focal point of this story is humans harvesting resources from dead Gods in space.

Each autopsy ship is racing to collect the best materials from the decaying corpses lost in space to receive the best payment.

Now, the crews are controlled by their tyrannical government because it has listening devices in each ship.

In fact, throughout “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead,” it is stated many times by the crew that “The ship has ears.”

Malik wishes to escape the corrupt system to become the first see a living God. Since each God discovered is dead, Malik begins questioning “Why are they always dead?”

Already in issue two of “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead,” Captain Malik and his crew continue their journey and escape the government, becoming fugitives.

During their escape, a high official agent named ‘Ritcher’ is on their tail, eventually trapping them. The dialogue late in the comic shows Ritcher knows personal things about Malik, although it’s unclear what. Who really is Malik? Why is he really running?

The Mystery

Now that the crew is trapped, there are two options–either drop out of warp speed and risk being shot down or stay in warp until their engines overheat.

We’ll have to stay tuned and see what happens to our crew. Issue Two of “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead” has a slower pace.

It focuses more on exploring relationships and reluctance from crew members adhering to their captain’s decisions.

“The first time you see a God is a moment you never forget. Their impossible scale. The sheer immensity of them. Their impossible beauty.”

“We Only Find Them When They’re Dead”, 2020

You want to keep reading to see where this story is leading us. The journey of Mailk and his crew leaves you questioning why the government has an immense control over everyone. More importantly, why the Gods are dead?

Is that why the totalitarian government needs to have logs on each ship and listens to each crew secretly? The comic series leaves you thinking about tons of possibility. This story is unpredictable at this point and the mystery of the unknown is captivating. 

The Summary

I’ve never had a comic’s artwork pull me in quite like what I have discovered in “We Only Find Them When They Are Dead.” Each panel is dynamic with bold, colorful images. Simone Di Meo gives us in-depth character designs. It’s visually pleasing and equally important, the emotion Ewing creates in the story is compelling storytelling. 

It’s too soon to say if this series will achieve greatness; however, my hopes are set high for this comic. There are still loads of mystery left with unforeseeable outcomes in “We Only Find Them When They’re Dead.”


As the first issue begins, we are thrown into the story quickly. In the second issue, the pace is a bit slower but is necessary because of characterization and backstory development. Hopefully, in issue three, the pace starts to pick up.

With a story like this, I don’t expect the pacing to feel very consistent. I’m sure the pacing will vary in each issue. Expect to see the pace range from being an action-packed issue to a slow burn that hones in on our crew aboard Vihaan II.

Issue No. 3 will be available at your local comic book shop on November 11. Until then, the comics are readily available to be purchased online, as well as on I’d recommend you to at least give this series a shot. It’s only on the second issue so there’s not much catching up needed but quite a bit to go.

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