Review | Netflix’s Newest Animation Sent Fans Over the Moon

Review | Netflix’s Newest Animation Sent Fans Over the Moon

Over the Moon is one of the best animated films of the year. Co-directed by Glen Keane and John Kahrs, this film as such stunning animation and an incredibly emotional story that will move you to tears.

In the trailer alone, you can tell Over the Moon should place Netflix in the animation Oscar talk this year.

This Story is Over the Moon

In this animated musical adventure, young Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) remembers the story her mother used to tell her, when she was a child about the moon goddess. It is a love story about an archer who passed on. His spirit remains with the moon goddess, so she waits for him to return to her. All the while, hoping that their love can be rekindled.

The lore parallels the relationship between Fei Fei’s parents. She so desperately wants to believe this story is real because her mother shared it with her. The stories our parents tell us get us through the night and keep the dreamer inside us present when we’re younger. They stay in our minds forever.

There is always a story that sticks with us. Sometimes it manifests into something beautiful. Fei Fei was at the top of her class, but still she believed in the moon goddess because of her mother. She noticed her family life had changed drastically and wanted to save it. Fei Fei built her own rocket to the moon. She was that smart! It all felt so magical because a child was attempting to figure everything out on her own.

The Over the Moon story works as a parallel because there are two singular character journeys that are the focus. They blend the characters together, so their paths will cross, therefore making their lost love understandable.

The screenplay co-written by Audrey Wells and Jennifer Yee McDevitt was so beautiful and explores grieving from a young girl’s perspective. When losing someone so dear to your heart, there is always some little detail, or memory that we hold onto to make us feel better and this film does that so well.

The Technical Aspects of Over the Moon

Over the Moon on Netflix is a remarkable offering for children and adults.

The animation is incredible. And the world was so imaginative. It has such a wonderful soundtrack and the songs will definitely stay with you after you’ve finished the film. It literally takes you out of reality, for a little while. That’s what is so exciting about the film. The 3D rendering feels lifelike. Elevated imagination like that makes Over the Moon even better.

The film appeals to children with beautiful design. Additionally, Over the Moon impresses the adults with the technological advancements. Fans of this movie will remember the many vibrant colours and magical animated scenes.

It is so much fun from beginning to end. Admittedly, I may be biased because of the white bunny named Bungee with purple eyes and magic powers stealing my heart. Regardless, Bungee –and Over the Moon–will pull on your heartstrings.

Over the Moon was an unexpected surprise for Netflix and it is such a wonderful animated film added to their library. It also holds so much cultural significance that is so lovely to see on screen. Its animation, soundtrack and heartfelt story will make you remember this film and the universal support that it gives those who are grieving during this time.


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