We May Know Who is the Richest Superhero in the Universe

We May Know Who is the Richest Superhero in the Universe

For years, it seems there has been an unyielding debate over who is the richest superhero in the universe — Bruce Wayne (Batman) or Tony Stark (Iron Man). Both are powerful, genius, millionaire playboys who took their daddy’s bank account and made into a veritable mint.

All the toys. They must cost millions each time something blow up or gets damaged defending the cosmos against the ne’er-do-wells out there. Yet, it seems their bank accounts are limitless. That’s why nerds everywhere can’t enough of this debate (among others). And why, because being a geckaphile is a talking sport.

And now, we may finally know who the richest superhero in the universe is.

A Source of Income

Vanquis Bank may have given us a big glimpse into who is the richest superhero in the universe
Source: Provident Financial/Sharecast Release

To all our friends across the pond dealing with the virus in the UK, may we suggest a credit partner like Provident Financial’s Vanquis Bank. Unfortunately, we aren’t getting any benefits from that unsolicited advertisement. But when a respected financial source takes time out of their busy day to put together an entire website on the richest superhero in the universe, you have my business without fail!

Yes, like a real website dedicated to an age-old nerd debate.

Finally, we have a verified resource on the richest superhero
Source: Vanquis Bank

You can dig through both Marvel and DC superheroes and filter through pounds, dollars, or Euros to find the richest superhero in the universe. It’s great. But that brings us to Batman v. Iron Man.

This helped Vanquis Bank make this difficult decision in the Battle of the Big Bucks:

BatmanIron Man
CareerTextilesMechanical Engineer
FocusDiscovery, DefenseEnergy, Weaponry
TrustDad bequeathed the businessDad bequeathed the business
ExpendituresSuits, gadgets, carsSuits, time-travel, homes
GeneratorSells variety of corporate servicesNew technology gets patented

Understanding those aspects, this is how Vanquis Bank determined the answer to the riddle…

Who is the Richest Superhero?

Sources: Rocksteady Studios/Marvel Studios

This is solely based on annual salaries, but paternal trust funds or backroom handshake deals. According to Vanquis Bank:

Bruce Wayne (Batman) pulls in $988,902 (£751,566 or €840,567) per year.

Tony Stark (Iron Man) earns a stout $920,006 (£699,205 or €782,005) per year.

Some Nerd from Vanquis Bank

In other words, neither life really sucks much. Rounding out the top 10 of the richest superheroes are these destitute hacks:

  • Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) as Queen Consolidated’s CEO — $894,098 (£679,514 /€759,983)
  • Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange) as a Neurosurgeon — $394,765 (£300,021 / €335,550)
  • Wade Wilson (Deadpool) is a mercenary — $180,000 (£136,800 or €153,000)
  • Charles Xavier (Professor X) is a Founder of a Private School — $132,012 (£100,329 /€112,210)
  • Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) is Head of the Gotham City Public Library — $121,881 (£92,360 / €103,599)
  • Matt Murdock (Daredevil) as a simple defense attorney — $121,394 (£92,259 / €103,185)
  • Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning) is a high school Principal in Freeland — $104,288 (£79,244 / €88,628)
  • Dick Grayson (Nightwing) is Detroit’s top police detective — $84,000 (£63,840 / €71,400)

Simple enough, right? I adore that someone out there took the time to research the facts. We all know public service jobs don’t pay diddly, the bottom two make sense. The middle of this Top 10 is suspect. Like, since when does a New York City curator of a library make more than a defense lawyer in that same city?!

And did you see where Wade Wilson lives? That looked like a pissholein the movies. Then again, it is New York. That’s probably all a six-figure income can afford. Founders of schools, neurosurgeons, and CEOs? That all made sense. But, did you notice anything missing?

What about a king? How much is that worth?!

C’mon. If you know comics canon, you know this dude — King T’Challa — is Daddy Warbucks at Nerd Central! Based on Black Panther comics, Wakanda has a vault of 10,000 tons of vibranium, which trades on the public market for $10,000 per gram! (That’s £7,593 / €8,495)

Let’s do the math, shall we:

  • 453 grams per pound
  • Each pound is worth $4.53 million (£3.44 million / €3.82 million)
  • 2,000 pounds per ton

That makes T’Challa firewood pile of vibranium worth about $90,000,000,000! That’s £68.35 trillion/ €75.77 trillion for those scoring in a UK home. Maybe Vanquis Bank calculators don’t compute that high. We get it. Like ours does?! We run a nerd blog. Pray for us.


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