Marvel Comics Lays Off Publisher John Nee

Marvel Comics Lays Off Publisher John Nee

To some, that headline may be a surprise: “Who is John Nee?” If you know comics, you already know. And now, that you are reading the headline, you’re hating that you read it at all.

COVID-19 has been insufferable when it comes to the economy and the health of employment in certain industries. Surely, entertainment got most of the brunt but you would think the art of making comics would be insulated from needing to gather in close quarters. In a warehouse, they would take a comic and make thousands of fresh inked copies on the press — all in a social distancing fashion.

Apparently, that comfort didn’t extend to the corporate office.

Meet John Nee

Source: Marvel Enterprises/File

John Nee was the publisher for the Marvel Comics line. Regretfully, he only got to enjoy that position for less than two years — 22 months, to be exact. Nee chiefly led the undertaking for the Warhammer license to Marvel last year.

As you can see, Marvel was pretty stoked about the acquisition. But, as the cagey sports agent Bob Sugar said in Jerry Maguire, “This is not show friends; it’s show business.”

When the Coronavirus spread across the U.S. and the UK, the comic industry came to a standstill. You would think people knew how to get their fix online, but that’s the thing about comics — we like to have a copy in our hands, even if we never peel it from beyond the plastic casing.

John Nee was among the many who were furloughed by Marvel earlier in the year thanks to its parent company The Walt Disney Company trying to make ends meet in these unprecedented times. This week, Marvel has made it permanent, according to

Prior to coming to Marvel in January 2018, John Nee worked closely with Jim Lee at DC from 1998 through 2010. There, he would ultimately become SVP of business development. Then, from 2010 through 2018, he would act as co-founder and CEO of gaming company Cryptozoic Entertainment, which licensing titles like Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead and Adventure Time.

When you’re that notable in this business, John Nee will find a home soon. Hopefully, it will be a burgeoning comic that needs his expert eye.


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