DC Comics Gets a New Editor-in-Chief, Promotes Marie Javins

DC Comics Gets a New Editor-in-Chief, Promotes Marie Javins

It’s nice to see comics in headlines with good news like DC Comics promoting Marie Javins to Editor-in-Chief of its legacy. While this sounds like regular bit of press release fodder, for DC comics fans, this is close to euphoria.

Marie Javins has been with DC Comics since 2014, where she began her geek journey in the editorial department. Her focus was the diversity of content and reach of younger audiences. Quick question: Are you among a “diverse” audience? How old are you? Finally, you like DC Comics? That’s how well she was doing.

Eventually, she was made Executive Editor of Global Publishing and Digital Strategy (see, those kids again). This is where she, and co-EiC Michele R. Wells, enhanced DC Comics’ line of children’s and young adult titles, specifically graphic novels and YA fiction.

Like these Teen Titans, maybe you’ve heard of them? From great original content like “Galaxy: The Prettiest Star” and “You Brought Me the Ocean” to digital-first titles like “Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend” and “I Am Not Starfire,” there was Marie Javins.

Marie Javins: Adapting to the Newish DC Comics

Source: DC Comics/File

The news late yesterday (at the time of this report) came out from DC Comics. Announced by Daniel Cherry III, senior vice president and general manager of DC Comics, Javins will report to him…and that’s about it. The vision for the comic line of DC Enterprises is hers.

“Marie intrinsically understands the power of comics and their unique ability to entertain and empower, which makes her a perfect choice to be DC’s next editor-in-chief. In addition to her many creative talents, she’s also incredibly committed to increasing access to this amazing industry by mentoring the next generation of comic book creators and helping them find their voices. I look forward to working with her in her new role.”

Daniel Cherry III, senior vice president and general manager of DC Comics

According to Variety, Marie Javins will be responsible for “developing and overseeing the execution of the company’s annual publishing schedule to grow all DC imprints.” The DC publishing content strategy, distribution, and growth is all up to her. And we all know that means?

Jim Lee Speaks

Jim Lee, at the DC Comics office in La Jolla, Calif.
Credit: San Diego Union Tribune

This woman is working side-by-side with the wunderkind of DC Comics, Jim Lee!

With Lee by her side, she’ll help “define positioning, character narratives and prioritization, creative talent selection and brand attributes of each imprint and develop publishing plans with lead editors.”

“Anyone who has been fortunate enough to work with Marie in the comics business knows two things about her – one, that she has the impeccable creative instincts and the talent relationships needed to create the kind of stories our fans crave and demand and two, that her deep knowledge of the global business of comics and its endless variations of storytelling means big things are on the horizon for DC in the years to come. I’m thrilled for Marie and look forward to the stories she has yet to tell.”

Jim Lee, DC Comics Publisher and Chief Content Officer

And, seriously, if this doesn’t excite about where DC Comics is going, check your pulse. Nonetheless, Javins’ own thoughts alone should spike the adrenaline a little:

“As a young girl devouring comics of Wonder Woman, Nubia and Supergirl, I never dreamed that decades later, I’d be at the helm of the mighty DC Comics. I’m incredibly honored by this responsibility, and will dedicate myself to supporting and challenging DC’s extended family of staff, talent, retailers, and partners around the world in our quest to tell innovative visual stories that both reflect and expand our world—and in some cases, our galaxy and multiverse.”

Marie Javins, press release, Nov. 2020

On behalf of comic readers and geek enthusiasts everywhere, “You go, girl!” The future for DC Comics may have never been brighter.


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