Interview | Mikel Janín’s 3 Important Tips to Become a Comic Book Artist

Interview | Mikel Janín’s 3 Important Tips to Become a Comic Book Artist

“Art and life, be curious about how things work, and so on.”

Mikel Janin, celebrated Spanish DC Comics comic book artist of “Justice League Dark,” “Batman,” and “Grayson”

Consciously or unconsciously, we all have had contact with superheroes. Clearly. After all, you are here. As comic book or CBM enthusiasts, we all want to be part of their remarkable stories or play a role in the cartoons we used to watch in our childhood years.

Remember those days? Saturday mornings with our siblings or cousins ​​and you were just waiting for your dose of inspiration. Whether it was dreaming to be as strong as Superman, as fearless as Batman, or as wise and powerful as Wonder Woman. These are the adventures we experience through the pages of our favorite comics.

I sat down, via Twitter, with Mikel Janín; he gave three crucial tips for blossoming comic book artists or actually anyone at a vocational crossroads in life.

Look at the portfolio sample from Mikel Janín:

One way or another, we want to be part of what makes heroes or villains so special and memorable. One way is through art–bringing life to the nerd bible, comic books, right?

For those who want to start venturing with sketches, or even those who need encouragement, I know it’s not easy, but everything will be fine. Pinky swear.

The talented Spanish comic book artist, Mikel Janín, provided us with three essential tips that can give you the little push you need for you to discover your passion in comic book art.

Step One: Even Batman Needed Training

Just keep going, try to learn through everything.

Mikel Janín

Yes, he is absolutely right. Practice makes perfect. The comic artist also added that learning can come from everywhere and anywhere. “Not just comics, but art and life. Be curious about how things work, and so on,” added Mikel Janín.

Step Two: Green Lantern’s Thumbs Up

Determination is key to success, whatever career your little heart desires. Even Alfred would agree with that.

Mikel Janín

Janín believes “a lot of work and attention is needed to progress.” Whether that attention to detail and disciplined work ethic takes you to comic book art or another career, do it with purpose.

Step Three: Raven Takes Her Time to Meditate

It is important to relax. Through rest, we can think clearly and recharge our ideas.

MikeL Janín

About this, Mikel Janín gave a crucial tip about taking care of ourselves: “Both mentally and physically, do exercise, enjoy life when possible, and love yourself”.

Janín has created powerful and inspiring characters with his art. From Superman to Zatanna Zatara, his drawings are innovative and simply incredible. Every beginning can be rocky in any career but remember every expert was once a beginner

All Images Courtesy: DC Comics, Mikel Janín

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