Comic Book Movies Find an Unlikely Hero in Tom Hanks

Comic Book Movies Find an Unlikely Hero in Tom Hanks

Just let that headline sink in about Tom Hanks. This is one of the most prodigious actors of a generation leaving behind a legacy of Oscar-caliber performances and yet…that dude put his seal of approval on comic book movies?!

This 2020 keeps getting stranger by the day.

As reported first in Collider, Tom Hanks was doing a conference call press junket for his new film helmed by Paul Greengrass–and first Western–called News of the World. While promoting his new film based on the acclaimed novel from Paulette Jiles, he was asked other questions, as will happen during these things.

One question; however, gave nerds everywhere a reason to rejoice and thank the Hollywood starlet gods for this gentle giant in film.

Tom Hanks to the Rescue

Tom Hanks is an actor who knows many things, including how to be a hero to geeks.

Tom Hanks is a man who knows something about heroics. He’s played many of them in film and has been one in real life. Yet, he comes across as this everyday guy we all respect and believe.

One of his most notable quotes even has to do with the subject. People listen to him and attach themselves to his thoughts.

We just had no clue that his thoughts and random musings would connect with geek culture. Yet, here’s Collider’s Steve Weintraub pulling gold out of the Fort Knox of Hollywood.

Frosty (Weintraub’s nom de plumb on Twitter) asked Tom Hanks if he believed that movie theaters were going to survive and if they would just be “event pictures” if they did. This is an important and valid question to ask this man because of the plundering revenues and massive layoffs movie theaters have been forced to issue in the face of COVID-19.

Many cinephiles are concerned about ever going to the movies again? From fear of catching it to just becoming lackadaisical and accepting VOD as a place in this world, what’s the future of movie theaters?

And that’s when Hollywood’s hero dawned his cape, put on his mask, and bellowed this:

“A sea change was due, anyway… It was coming. Will movie theaters still exist? Absolutely, they will.”

“In some ways, I think the exhibitors — once they’re up and open — are going to have the freedom of choice of what movies they’re going to play… Big event motion pictures are going to rule the day at the cinemas…

News of the World might be the last adult movie about people saying interesting things that’s going to play on a big screen somewhere, because after this, in order to guarantee that people show up again, we’re going to have the Marvel Universe and all sorts of franchises.”

Tom Hanks, Collider Interview, Dec. 2020

The Era of the Multiverse

Ya’ hear that all you haters in Hollywood?! Maybe, it’s you that need to get off our lawn! Tom Hanks has spoken and of course, it makes perfect sense. People go to the movies for one thing — an experience.

Anyone can just “see a movie.” They pull up whatever app, select a movie they haven’t seen in a while (or ever), and chill. Maybe it’s good. Maybe it sucks. Regardless, you’re at home and you can fast forward, rewind, or just believe it blows and move one.

That’s the benefit all these streamers provide. The one thing they will never be able to duplicate is the experience of the movie theater. Movie theaters are havens of entertainment, a respite to get away from whatever is out there.

Movies do that, but the experience in the crashing sounds, the larger-than-life characters, and being absorbed by the sensual cornucopia is literally worth the price of admission.

And Tom Hanks knows it!

[Franchise films] “writ large, because watching them at home on your couch actually might diminish them somehow in their visual punch.”

“But the sea change that has been brought by COVID-19 has been a slow train coming. I think there will be an awful lot of movies that will only be streamed, and I think it will be fine to see them that way because they will actually be built and made and constructed for somebody’s pretty good widescreen TV at their home.”

Tom Hanks, Collider Interview, Dec. 2020

The saying “Netflix and chill” works because you’re not really concerned about the movie, and if you are, it’s fine to watch while you’re a slug on the couch. For the mighty film franchise, they must be seen in the movie theater. Now, get off your couch and so support the movies.

Annnnd… scene!

(NOTE: For the entire interview, see the video below.)

Featured Image: President Barack Obama awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Hanks in 2016. (Credit: Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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