#ICYMI: Less Than 84 Amazing Easter Eggs You Missed in WW84

#ICYMI: Less Than 84 Amazing Easter Eggs You Missed in WW84

This post is about WW84, but this a blog for the cinephile, the audiophile, and even the geckaphile. That said, it should be easy to deduce that a good Easter Egg hunt pertaining to nerd movies will get us jazzed more than most.

And if you saw Patty Jenkins’ follow-up in the DC pantheon, WW84, you know she is getting quite good at hiding her Easter eggs. Hopefully, you spent the money, wore a damn mask, and braved the crowds to actually see it in the movie theaters. If not, there was always HBO Max. Regardless, it was worth your time.

Did you have enough time to search through all the references–hidden and blatant alike? There were many! Some gave your little DC heart a big smile. Others need to sift out what was in front of you to catch a glimpse of the egg beneath.

Fair Warning: This article is about Easter Eggs. Spoilers Abound!

Turn around, bookmark the page, and come back after you have given Gal Gadot…eh, DC Comics and Warner Bros. the attention they deserve.

Looks Like Candy in WW84

In Wonder Woman, much of the comic relief was supplied by Lucy Davis. She played Diana’s best friend, Etta Candy. Of course, a few decades passed since the end of World War I and 1984, so she’s dead (not a spoiler) but that is a dolled-up cameo of Lucy Davis right on the shelf (now, that’s a spoiler).

Eggs All Over the Mall

The first bit of action we get in WW84 was in the DC Mall. ’80s references everywhere from music to clothes to those groovy hairstyles.

Then, four guys are up to no-good at Koslov Jewels. Ring a bell? Deep cut for comic fans about Col. Koslov from World’s Finest in 1970. He used this hypnotic ray on Superman and Batman as the leader of Lubania. Meh.

Also, did you notice how Wonder Woman was swinging from pole to pole, rafter to rafter throughout the mall taking it to those schleps?

That was all on purpose as Patty Jenkins is a big fan of… Spider-Man. That’s right, nerds! She dares cross brands on us. (Get over the hate, people. They’re comics.)

Her Hood

As many know, filming for WW84 was done in several spots in the greater DMV — Washington D.C. In canon, Diana lived in Arlington, Virginia when she worked at ARGUS with her aforementioned bestie, Etta. But what about the obvious reference: Washington D.C. As in “D.C. Comics”?!

The Smithsonian and Diana’s Shoes

Diana working at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. makes total sense given how she is a walking piece of antiquity herself, but in canon, it wasn’t there. This is actually a respectful nod to DC Comics and the “Gateway City Museum of Cultural Antiquities.”

And yes, in this WW84 scene, Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) notices those stilettoes in a simple sense of foreshadowing (even though that is a leopard print and not a cheetah). We see you, Patty.

All The Cheetahs

So, Barbara Minerva in WW84 was a simple and gradual build into the were-cat Cheetah. Only, in the comics, that happened four different times, and Patty Jenkins took a snippet from several of them.

  • Priscilla Rich (Golden and Silver Age) — She was very insecure and was driven by others
  • Deborah Domain (Bronze Age) — She was also the niece of Priscilla Rich and was driven insane from a terrorist leader tampering with her head, known as Kobra
  • Dr. Barbara Minerva (Post-Crisis Age) — Her job and will to survive as some “Apex Predator.”
  • (And yes, to keep things equal, there has been a male Cheetah named Sebastian Ballesteros. No, nothing was borrowed from him. Thankfully.)

And, not for nothing, Dr. Minerva didn’t die nor had her wish relinquished. My hopeful guess? There’s this Legion of Doom coming…

Amazon Olympics

Many people who don’t know the canon of Diana of Themyscira thought the opening that HBO Max leaked was superfluous. So it shows Diana as a little girl (Lilly Aspell) going through this unbelievable fitness course. BTW, she did all but one of her own stunts!

Back to the fitness course, that actually happened, only one huge difference.

In the movie, it taught Diana an important life lesson about truth given to her by her mentor Antiope (Robin Wright). In the comics, winning this gave Diana the right to escort Steve Trevor to the states. Of course, she won that time.

Kingdom Come Armor

You gotta love Patty Jenkins’ attention to detail. We all knew this was coming, but there in all of its intended glory is the Golden Eagle armor from Elseworlds: Kingdom Come, a four-issue series in 1996 from Alex Ross and Mark Waid. Essentially, the older Justice League come out of retirement to slap around some doltish millennial metahumans and show them just how the hell to protect these puny Earthlings. ‘Murica!

Maxwell Lord

No spoiler here: Pedro Pascal is the best part of this movie. The dude is hypnotic to watch him devolve into this power-drunk megalomaniac was a delight we rarely get in any CBM. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite the guy in the comics, because if he was, WW84 would have been completely different.

You see, he actually helped form Justice League International and then gained the ability of a telepath. It’s kinda like becoming the Dreamstone, but not. Regardless, we got the better one here.


Well, it wasn’t always called that. Back in 1963, the Dreamstone from WW84 was known as the Materioptikon. Obviously, that name doesn’t really roll off the tongue so Patty Jenkins, in her infinite wisdom, chose to tinker with canon. Now, for the comic lovers out there, we can only hope this opens the door for what else was attached to the “Dreamstone.”

In Justice League of America, No. 19, we learn about this weapon from the mastermind Doctor Destiny. (Imagine if Skeletor from He-Man and MODOK had a love child.) If only he could show up in the upcoming Wonder Woman 3. Good times.

The Beautiful Lie

Listen carefully when you are watching one of the final scenes in WW84. Hans Zimmer brings back a classic theme from Batman v. Superman called “Beautiful Lie.” It’s when young Bruce falls into the cave and meets the thrawn of bats. Patty Jenkins said that was intentional because “the thematic connections between truth and lies” made it relevant.

Invisible Jet

In one of the most happy-happy-joy-joy reveals of an Easter Egg in quite some time, this beautiful scene in WW84 is actually the beginning of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. And how we get to have fun with that in our memories of watching Super Friends is almost as fun as watching Steve’s “Oh-face” watching the fireworks.

Steve Trevor’s Return

If you thought Steve Trevor coming back to life only for “squatter’s rights” in some dude’s body was a little out-of-bounds, you’ll really love how it happened in the comics. Yes, Steve Trevor’s resurrection is actually in the comics, only it wasn’t some strange Monkey Paw rock wish. It was much more believable — the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite did it.

Simon Stagg

You can brag all you want about DC or Marvel big heroes, but that is casting at its best! Look at that! This is Oliver Cotton. Dude doesn’t get much work. In fact, he was last seen as that two-star Air Force General in The Dark Knight Rises. But, the fact that Patty Jenkins put him in WW84 says his resume is about to get a little work.

There’s Maxwell Lord’s sole benefactor about to be hauled off to the pokey by the feds, thanks to the Dreamstone. But, if canon serves us correctly, he’ll be back. As CEO of Stagg Enterprises, whenever clandestine business is awry, we meet another deep cut hero named Rex Mason — or Metamorpho — who is dating Simon’s daughter.

If that was hint about WW3, count me in!

Bialya and Black Adam

Much like a few countries in MCU, Bialya is a made-up foreign land with a few pyramids in it. Fitting that we see this country in WW84, because in 1987’s Justice League No. 2, we first meet Mr. Maxwell Lord. However, there was a huge Easter Egg many probably missed in Bialya.

In the film, Emir Said Bin Abydos wishes for the Bialyan Dynasty to return to power. It does, but something else is awakened with this request. In the comics, there is an archaeologist named Dan Garrett who discovers the Blue Beetle‘s ancient scarab. He also finds out Bialya was a land where a certain demigod named Black Adam killed thousands.

Oh yes, it’s all coming together soon!

A Nod to Greatness

C’mon. If you didn’t cheer quietly when that mid-cred scene came up, we just can’t be friends. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have been magnanimous over their feelings for the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter.

During the movie, we are introduced to the golden armor and the flying fortress of Wonder Woman. The first Amazon to wear that suit was mythical woman named Asteria, whom we discover has been secretly protecting the planet for a millennia or two.

And there is Asteria, a 69-year-old Lynda Carter who ironically looks like she hasn’t aged much either. (Some nice swimming lessons in that DC live-action gene pool. Damn!)

All Images, Unless Noted, Sourced by: Warner Bros./Atlas Entertainment/DC Comics

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